Two Block Haircut

Here Is Why You Should Get A Two Block Haircut

A two block haircut, which takes origins in Korea, has greatly risen in popularity of late. Even if you do not follow K-Pop trends, you may still want to learn how to pull off this stylish hair look. Not only does it create a bold and high-contrast appearance, but it is also extremely versatile and flattering for most face shapes. Explore our guide if you want to learn more about this trendy haircut.

What Do You Call A Two Block Haircut?

But what is a two block haircut in the first place? While offering you a myriad of styling options, which you can see for yourself by visiting our website LoveHairStyles, it has quite distinctive features. Thus, you will not confuse it with any other man’s haircut. A two block features shortly trimmed or completely bald sides and back, aka the first block, paired with a long hair on top, which constitutes the second block. Sometimes, it is considered an advanced version of an undercut haircut.

How to choose Ideal Men’s Haircut Destination

Selecting the perfect destination for any type of men’s haircut involves careful consideration and an understanding of your personal style. When it comes to the two-block haircut, there are compelling reasons why it stands out as an excellent choice. Begin by assessing your lifestyle and preferences – the two-block cut offers a versatile canvas that suits both formal and casual settings. Consult with skilled barbers like these who specialize in this trendy haircut to ensure they understand your vision and can execute men’s grooming services flawlessly. Additionally, take inspiration from the latest trends and variations within the two-block style to customize the cut according to your unique personality. By choosing the ideal men’s haircut destination, specifically tailored for the two-block style, you’re not just getting a haircut; you’re embracing a contemporary and stylish statement that complements your individuality.

Will A Two Block Cut Suit Me?

It sure will. One of the best things about this haircut is that it works for everyone. Being a great way to give your regular cut a bold and high-contrast appearance, a two block cut guarantees that you will not go unnoticed. So, if you want to be in the spotlight wherever you go, feel free to opt for it. Besides, as it leaves the top pretty long with the sides and back being trimmed or shaved, you can always transform it into another, less edgy haircut.

Two Block Cut Suit Me

How Do I Get A Two Block Cut?

Obviously, the best way to achieve a two block cut is by booking an appointment with your barber. And do not forget to take the photos of the desired look with you, as they speak better than any, even the most detailed explanations. However, if for some reason, you are not able to attend a hairstyling salon or a barbershop, then you may want to cut your own hair. To ensure you succeed in it, here is a quick tutorial to follow:

  1. Before you start, you need to stock up on such tools as a T-outliner, hair clippers, a comb, shears, hair clips and a self cut system.
  2. Damp the hair using hands or a hair spray.
  3. Divide your hair into two sections –bottom and top – and secure the latter with a hair clip.
  4. Using clippers with guard size #4, take off the hair from the back and sides.
  5. Switch to guard size #2 and trim the section near the hairline.
  6. Clean up around the edges with the help of the T-outliner.
  7. Aid yourself with the self cut system to work your way in the back.
  8. Finish off by cutting the tips of the hair on top with the shears.

How Do I Get A Two Block Cut

The Most Fashionable Block Haircut Ideas To Try

Since now you have enough insight into the two block cut, let’s take a look at its trendiest options.

A Zero Styling Two Block Cut

A two block cut is often viewed as a hairstyle on its own. Thus, you can simply allow your hair to fall naturally for an effortless and relaxed feel.

A Slicked Back Two Block

Because in a two block the hair on the top is so long, you can style it slicked back to bring a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic to your look.

A Side Parted Two Block

Although a two block is already quite contrasty and eye-catching, it is still possible to give it extra definition by complementing with a side part.

Two Block Curls

If you think that a two block cut is only for guys with straight hair, we are here to prove you wrong. It looks even cooler and edgier with curly locks on top, as it takes your hair texture to the center stage.

Highlighted Two Block

As a two block is traditionally cut on dark Asian hair, why not enhance it by painting highlights into random strands on top?

With a two block haircut, you can rest assured that your hair will become the talk of the town. While requiring little effort to style and maintain, it gives your appearance a fashionable and bold touch. We believe that after reading our guide, you have no doubts about that.

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