Gluten Free IPAs

Here’s More That You Need To Know About Gluten Free IPAs In The UK

With so many sellers putting gluten free IPA and vegan beers beside each other, there are still very rare variants that are actually free from gluten. Now, what is the main reason behind all of this? Well, the fact is that it doesn’t matter whether they have any alcohol content or not; but they are made with malted barley, an active source of gluten. 

What is more surprising here is the reality that many brands use yeast that contains gluten. As of now, this means that you have to dig in more and find the best alcohol-free beer, which is actually free from gluten. 

How Are These Lagers Generally Made? 

Before we move on, most of us won’t be aware of gluten; here’s a quick brief on it. Basically, it is a product mainly found in rye, wheat, or barley. Even many call it a protein found in oats, named avenin. As we have already mentioned, Barley malt is most likely a major part of this. Or else, companies could be using sorghum, rice, corn, or quinoa like ingredients to create gluten free lagers. 

Observing the trend of sticking to healthy habits and quitting alcohol has brought a sudden increase in vegan beers in the past few years. However, finding a reliable product has always been a struggle for many as finding an alcohol free variant is quite challenging. 

Who Needs To Avoid Gluten? 

Many individuals develop an autoimmune condition named Coeliac disease that basically reacts to gluten particles. Many of us have this misconception that Coeliacs have no real consequences and are just a term for fussy eaters. However, medical experts have always quoted it as a serious health condition, leading to severe type health risks. Therefore, doctors always recommend people with the same disease follow a gluten free diet. 

Putting in simple words, individuals suffering from Coeliac disease need to be more watchful while consuming anything. The gluten free foods can actually cause stomach pain and bloating that may last longer than expected.

This was again another reason why people in the UK started exploring gluten-free IPAs, which were 100% free from alcohol. The easiest way to do this is to avoid products with more rye, barley, or wheat and only purchase beers tested for their gluten levels according to the standard UK requirements. 

Locating the best alcohol-free beer around the UK could be a challenge again, especially when you plan to quit alcohol and opt for something healthier. Always pick a lager that is crafted with select natural hop ingredients and natural floral aromatics. 

One more thing to know is that brands that follow a blending process instead of brewing are more successful. The reason being is that the blending process generally doesn’t involve any yeast addition, which means there’s no fermentation process and no alcohol is used. 

So next time you are going to pick a gluten free lager, make sure you pick something award-winning, light, and refreshing that actually awakens your senses with its crispy citrus taste.

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