5 Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

5 Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a truck accident and suffered injuries, it is important to know what the law says and how an experienced accident attorney can help. The trucking industry is regulated under different Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The laws analyze various elements of trucking, such as weight and hours spent on the road. However, the average, non-commercial driver may not be aware of the strict standards and regulations that govern the industry. A truck accident attorney with a successful track record will study your case and identify the laws that have been violated before filing a case. A good lawyer will do due diligence and create the best defense to help you get the best outcome.  Here are five key reasons to hire a truck accident lawyer:

The trucking industry is bigger than you think

Semi-trucks and other large carriers are several times heavier than a car. This in itself increases the likelihood of suffering serious injuries after an accident. Before filing a case against a trucking company, it is important to understand some rules’ elements. Truck and semi-truck accidents often carry high-dollar accident policies. According to the FMCSA regulations, the minimum coverage amount is capped at $750,000.

As a strategy to reduce the trucking company’s level of fault and its driver, insurance adjusters will move quickly to submit reports detailing everything from the number of vehicles involved in the accident to the trucks’ location and size. This can happen even before the driver involved in an accident knows what is happening. To safeguard your claim, a skilled truck or semi-truck lawyer will handle the recording statements, secure evidence, examine your medical records and uncover the policy limits.

A truck lawyer can help you recover non-economic damages

Insurance companies might tempt you by offering you a large, one-time settlement for medical expenses and other immediate claims. When this happens, don’t rush to sign anything because the actual accident claim may be much higher. A successful claim determination for accidents involving trucks may provide a better opportunity for you to recover damages incurred.

You may get a better outcome by invoking a little patience and letting the truck accident attorney handle the case for you. In such situations, you may qualify for future lost benefits. But as you may know, the law can be interpreted differently, especially if other parties are involved in the accident. That brings me to my next point.

Multiple parties could be involved in the claim

The determination of a claim involving trucks can lock in multiple liable parties, including the driver, government agencies, the truck driver, the truck manufacturer, and the trucking company. While pursuing the claim, an experienced accident attorney will take a careful look at the statutes of limitation and act before its expiry to avoid wiping off any chance of you getting you the desired help. Remember, no parties will be held liable if the claim is not filed within the stipulated period. The statute of limitations runs for two years in several states and commences on the accident date.

Negotiations are a lot more complicated

If the truck accident involves more than one liable entity, a comprehensive multiple-negotiation arrangement is necessary to get you deserved help. Getting an accident attorney with experience negotiating with insurance companies can make a huge difference in the final claim determination. A skilled accident attorney will follow the most appropriate legal strategy, including arbitration, mediation, and out-of-court settlement. Lastly, hiring a skilled attorney to represent you will relieve you of stress and give you peace of mind, thereby allowing you to recover quickly and jumpstart your life.

Know the regulations that govern the industry

One of the industry regulations is the set number of consecutive hours a truck driver is legally allowed to drive with no break. The truck accident lawyer will investigate this to establish if any violations led to the accident. A lawyer may not get the desired outcome in some states if your fault rate is higher than 50%. This generally means the higher your fault rate, the lower the claim. For instance, if your fault rate is 20%, your claim rate also reduces by 20%. Experienced accident attorneys understand these regulations and how to go about them in a court of law. The lawyer will fight on your behalf to ensure the fault apportioned to you does not adversely damage your case, making the process easier for you.

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