Holidays in Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus

The coastline of Cyprus is a series of beaches that can delight lovers of summer holidays.  The coastline of the Mediterranean island is distinguished by its diversity, which gives each of them a unique flavor.

  •  Cyprus has 300 days of sunshine a year, a swimming season lasting 6 to 8 months.  And also – calmness, regularity and the lowest crime rate in Europe.

 The coast of the national parks delights with its naturalness and untouched nature, and the coast near the resort areas – with thoughtful service and well-groomed.

 The best sandy beaches of Cyprus have earned the European quality mark – “Blue Flag”, which guarantees, in addition to comfort, also safety and cleanliness.

 Air and water temperature

 Cyprus is located in the subtropics – the local mild climate is ideal for a cozy holiday.

 Summer on the island is hot and rainless.  In the warmest months, the air temperature on the island varies from +25 to +40 degrees, which undoubtedly pleases tourists.

 Winter in Cyprus is warm and with precipitation, the average air temperature is +10 – +20 degrees, and in mountainous regions it can drop to -4 – -7.

 The sea water temperature in summer rises to +24 degrees, in winter it drops to +14 degrees.

Get set for your Cyprus adventure 

Cyprus is a truly inspiring holiday destination. Sun-kissed beaches, delectable food and great weather will make your vacation incredible. Even though travel insurance isn’t a legal requirement, for peace of mind you should ensure you and your loved ones are properly covered on holidays. Choose travel insurance that is suitable for your destination, any activities you’re planning. Here you can choose a comprehensive travel insurance for Cyprus with COVID cover. Invest in your peace of mind to enjoy your journey. 

Hotel or villa for rent?

 If you are planning to relax in Cyprus, you will certainly be faced with the question: which is better – a hotel with its limitations and high cost or renting a spacious comfortable villa near the sea.

 Practise shows that renting a villa in Cyprus is cheaper than a room in a three or four stars hotel.  Agree that a two or three-room hotel suite cannot be compared with a villa with its own pool, sauna and other entertainment and recreation opportunities.

Villas for rent in Cyprus

 Renting villas in Cyprus is becoming more and more popular among tourists, this is no coincidence.  In a rented private villa or apartment, you will get complete freedom of action, without adjusting to any schedules and have the opportunity to get to know the culture of this amazing country better.

 To rent a holiday villa, you can use the Cyprus Villas website.  Here you can rent a villa for two or a large company or a large family.

The advantages of renting a villa in Cyprus

  •  Living in a villa you do not have to adjust to the work schedule and hotel conditions.  Before you open up a huge selection of accommodation options, rather than a few standard rooms.
  •  If you are going on vacation with a large family or company, then undoubtedly it is much more profitable to rent a private villa with a spacious living room, where you can gather with the whole family or a group of friends.  In the hotel, you may be faced with the fact that you will be accommodated in different rooms, possibly on different floors.
  •  Keep in mind the larger your company, the cheaper it is to live per person in a rented property.
  •  By renting a villa or apartment, you have the opportunity to organize your own meals.
  •  Cyprus has excellent grocery stores with a large selection of fresh fish, meat and fruits, and all villas for rent have a barbecue area and equipped kitchen.  But at the same time, you can always have breakfast at a nearby hotel or dine at one of the many restaurants with Mediterranean, European or Oriental cuisine.
  •  All villas are equipped with dishwashers and washing machines, irons and other little things that make life comfortable.

 Practice shows that who at least once refused standard hotel services, for this there is no longer any doubt that renting a villa or a holiday home in Cyprus has undoubted advantages, even over the best five-star hotels, both in convenience and in price.  …

 TOP 6 best beaches in South Cyprus

 Most of the best coastal areas are concentrated in the south of the island.  Lovers of sea baths and Mediterranean sunbathing tend to come here.

 The rating of Cyprus beaches is an attempt to help you choose a comfortable vacation spot and a reminder of which areas to visit to see the main beauties of the Mediterranean island.

 What beaches are better to relax on?

 Nissi Beach

 The coast is covered with white sand sparkling in the sun.  The length of the best beach in Ayia Napa is 500 meters.  The specially supplied sandy surface is kept in perfect condition, which attracts sunbathers to Nissi.

 Fig Tree Bay

 The resort town of Protaras invites you to sunbathe in Fig Tree Bay, on Fig Tree Bay.  It has been awarded the Blue Flag and is loved by visiting guests and Cypriots.

 A rocky island located a hundred meters from the shore protects the bathers from the waves.  Fine light sand covers the coastline 500 meters long.

 The water glows in different shades of blue, warm.  The season runs from May to September.  The gentle entrance to the sea attracts guests with little ones.

 Makronissos Beach

 Many people consider Makronissos to be the most beautiful and comfortable.  Located a few kilometers from the center of Makronisos, it is less crowded, but the infrastructure is just as good and has earned the Blue Flag.

 Makronisos is divided into two parts by the natural topography.  The eastern half is more suitable for families – shallow water is convenient for kids, the sand is shallow and even.

 Flamingo Beach (Sunrise and Flamingo Beach)

 The resort town of Protaras can be considered one of the most suitable for families with children.

 Flamingo Beach is the center of attraction for all guests of the island.  Fig Bay, in which it is located, is a great option with clear water and a uniform gentle entry into the sea.

 The coastline is divided into two parts – the territory of the Sunrise Hotel and the Flamingo itself.

 Not only guests, but also local residents are happy to settle here, so the territory is rarely empty – it is fun and crowded here.

 Mackenzie Beach

 Among the most picturesque is the Mackenzie beach located in Larnaca.

 The closeness of the airport with taking off and landing liners, which can be observed in every detail, adds color to this bathing area.

 The volcanic sand is gray in color, but fine and pleasant to the touch.  It is convenient to enter the water – the bottom is flat, the descent is smooth.

 Finikoudes Beach

 Larnaca is home to Finikoudes, which is considered by many to be the most attractive on the island.  It is difficult to argue with this – Finikoudes Beach has a well-thought-out infrastructure; along it there is an embankment with palm trees and numerous cafes and restaurants.

 Several firms provide guests with services and equipment.  Due to this, everything can be obtained quickly and close to the beach, competition guarantees discounts and pleasant prices for tourists.  The choice of entertainment is common – catamarans, boats, bananas and diving equipment.

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