Marijuana and Back Pain

How Artists Are Using Cannabis to Treat Back and Neck Pain

Marijuana is claimed to enhance one’s creativity. And artists, such as painters, tattoo artists, sculptors, comic writers, and musicians, take cannabis, especially when they need to spark their brains. We know that the creative process takes time, leading them to remain sitting for an extended period. This may cause them to experience a significant amount of pain in their neck, shoulder, and back.

When artists consistently complain of pain in their back, neck, and shoulder, it may be repetitive strain injury (RSI). RSI is caused by sitting in one posture for an extended period without breaks in between. The pain can also be because of the overuse of some muscles or tendons. When a creativity bout hits, artists enter into a trance where time does not record, and you can find them working for over twelve hours.

You might have RSI if you are experiencing a throbbing kind of a pain in your neck and back, cramps, and show signs of weakness. While marijuana does not solve the underlying issues, it can help ease the pain. Let us look at how cannabis can help artists treat back and neck pain.

How Does Marijuana Treat Back Pain?

Medical cannabis is an ideal treatment for back pain. The increased legalization of marijuana is making it popular among people suffering from various conditions, and the most prominent is chronic pain. Although prescription medication also works, it is accompanied by side effects, such as ulcers, nausea, and stomachache, which is not the case with weed.

Cannabis has over 100 cannabinoids, but the most popular amongst users is CBD and THC. Unlike THC, CBD does not induce a high; instead, it has a wide range of therapeutic effects.

Anecdotal evidence shows that the cannabinoids (THC and CBD) bind with endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB1,) thus maintaining your body in a state of homeostasis. Cannabidiol is also known to reduce inflammation, which in turn helps reduce pain.

If you are an artist and are in pain, it would be best to take the highest THC strain. This is because tetrahydrocannabinol gives you a euphoric feeling, and together with CBD, they help ease pain and inflammation.

How to Take Cannabis

You may be wondering how to take marijuana to help with back and neck pain. Cannabis is packaged in various forms, and they include pills, flowers, oils, transdermal patches, topical (balm and cream), and oral drops. While some modes of use are effective immediately, others will take two to three hours before you can feel their effect.

If you want instant relief, you can either vape, use oral drops, transdermal patches, and topical. The good thing about transdermal patches is the cannabinoids do not have to go through the digestive system. Instead, they are ejected directly into the blood capillaries, increasing the bioavailability of the cannabinoids. They are ideal as they provide you with a steady means of pain relief over an extended duration of one or two days. You can apply the patches on your neck, back, and shoulders.

You can also get a massage using cannabinoids cream or balm on your back, neck, and shoulder. It provides you with instant relief. However, if you want the effect of the cannabinoid to take place while you are in the middle of your work or as you go to sleep to promote relaxation and reduce pain, you can infuse marijuana with your food or drinks, take gummies or pills.

Or you can go the traditional way and roll a joint, take a few puffs, and voila..! Your pain is history. However, if you are not into smoking, you can try vaping, as it’s a much more favorable and discreet way of using marijuana. However, both smoking and vaping are dangerous to your respiratory system.

Choosing the Right Strain

After learning how cannabis helps ease pain and various consumption methods, it’s high time you choose the best strain. A strain with a high THC to CBD ratio is the best as it gives you the euphoric effects, sparks creativity, and eases pain. And which is more suited than the Golden Goat Strain as it ticks all the boxes. It is a Sativa dominant strain with a THC content of up to 23%, while CBD is 0.006%.

Apart from alleviating pain, Golden Goat Strain is also known to treat other conditions, such as stress, fatigue, depression, and lack of appetite. Artists suffer from anxiety and depression when a piece they worked on for a long duration does not perform as they expected or if they take longer than expected for their breakthrough. Another thing is by working long hours; they are bound to suffer from fatigue. Artists will love this strain because it gives out an aromatic sensation with citrus fragrance when you smoke it. Golden Goat has a fruity sweet taste and leaves you with a citrus tang on your tongue long after smoking it.

In some states where recreational and medical marijuana is legal, residents may plant several marijuana plants. So if you live in any of these states and are open to taking weed for your pain, you can plant Golden Goat Seeds. This ensures that you never run out of supply and enjoy the benefit of the plant.

Despite having these benefits, Golden Goat Strain also has its cons. So you must be aware before using. When you use this strain, you are bound to get dry eyes and dry mouth. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated as this helps avoid having a dry mouth. Dry eyes might affect your eyesight, which is crucial for artists, especially painters and sculptors, so use eye drops to ensure they are always lubricated.

High THC dosage can make you dizzy, anxious, and paranoid, so consume a small dosage to avoid overdosing.

Artists should adopt better habits to avoid having pain in their backs, necks, and shoulders. These habits include adopting the right sitting posture and being aware of their work environment while listening to their bodies. As an artist, you should also invest in suitable chairs and do stretching or yoga exercises.

Bottom Line: Golden Goat Strain is ideal for beginners and veterans and also a favorite of patients. However, before taking this strain, you must consult with your physician for a go-ahead.


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