Tiredness Away From the Eyes

How Blepharoplasty Removes the Signs of Tiredness Away From the Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul, so the saying goes. The phrase means that one can understand what a person’s true feelings are by glancing at their eyes. While the idea behind the phrase is romantic, it’s can also be a bit misleading.

Sometimes, the signs of aging around in the face can cause our eyes to appear far more tired than we are and lead to people saying the dreaded words of “you look tired,” even when we’re not feeling as such. But eye bag removal can be a bit harder to accomplish than simply receiving enough rest or using expensive skin care products.

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps to remove several signs of aging around the eye. Here are three signs of aging around the eyes that can be treated with blepharoplasty.

Drooping Eyelids

This is one of the most common conditions that people seek out blepharoplasty to correct. As we age, the levator muscles within the eyelids can begin to lose their hold on the eyelid, while the eyelids also begin to lose their form-springing elasticity. The combination of the two cause the eyelids to sad and droop down in the eye. This can not only create the appearance of tired eyes but become a vision-obstructing condition if the upper lids sags far enough down in front of the eye.

The lower lid of the eye can also sag, which can cause issues such as improper eye closer and an increased risk of debris entering the eyes.

Numerous other factors can contribute to the acceleration of sagging eyelids, including:

  • Daily application and removal of makeup skincare
  • Excessive rubbing (either from itchiness, irritation, or tiredness)
  • Sleeping sideways or face down into a pillow
  • Chronic alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Sun damage
  • Dehydration
  • Exposure to airborne pollutions
  • Genetics

In cases where the sagging of upper and lower lids is problematic enough to cause a doctor recommends visibility or damage issues and treatment, the procedure may be covered by health insurance.

Dark Circles

The purplish bruising discoloration under the eyes, known as dark circles, can indicate that one has a hard time sleeping. In actuality, dark circles are simply the result of thin skin beneath the eye, where fat deposits are lacking and thus leaving space between the skin and making the blood vessels and muscles more easily visible. Lower blepharoplasty can be used to treat this by repositioning fat to fill out the undereye area and remove the visibility of the dark circles.

Puffy Undereye Bags

Puffy bags form themselves when fat under the eye is no longer present. This lack of fat under the eye creates a space beneath the skin. Over time, fluid can begin to collect itself in this space and fill the pocket of skin, filling it and creating the puffy appearance of undereye bags.

Lower blepharoplasty removes this excess skin and fluid from under the eye. It tightens the area while also redistributing fat under the eye to fill the negative space so fluid cannot return to the area.

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