Translate a Movie to English Subtitles

How Can I Translate a Movie to English Subtitles? 

Movies are great for entertainment. However, you may find movies extremely boring if the actors do not speak a language you understand. As technology improves, it has become a lot easier translating videos in different languages for target audiences. Videos that aren’t already translated offer subtitles that carry the viewer along with the movie’s plot. If you have a movie to watch and wonder how you can translate the movie to English subtitle, below are some of the things you need to know.

Step 1 – Download the Target Movie

The very first step in a series of steps to get English subtitles for the movie of your choice is to download it. Head on to any file-sharing website or do a simple google search of the movie for download. Ensure that you are downloading the right file and from a trusted online source. When downloading files online, make sure that your computer’s security features are turned on to prevent viruses and malware.

If you already have the movie in a DVD format, proceed to rip the video file to your computer. You can also download the torrent version of the video for high-quality outputs. However, you should know what the laws of your country are regarding downloading using torrents. If it is illegal in your country, it is best to explore other legal options.

Step 2 – Find Out the Frame Rate of the Movie

After you have downloaded or ripped the movie file onto your computer, proceed to find out what the movie file’s frame rate is. To do this, right-click on the movie file you wish to translate, and it should supply a bunch of options. Look towards the lower part of the options for “Properties” and click on it. Go to the Details Tab and note the frame rate.

Step 3 – Get Back Online to a Subtitle Source

Once you have found out the movie’s frame rate, return online to look for subtitle sources where you can get subtitles that have already been pre-packaged. Once you find a trusted source, use the internal search function to look for the movie’s subtitle. Once the subtitle options have been provided, look through them to find the perfect matching subtitle based on the frame rate. If you can’t find the subtitle file on the desired source’s website, look for other sources that may have the movie file’s subtitle and the right language, in this case, English language.

If you can’t find it still, type the movie title + subtitle in your Google search bar. Google should automatically generate results of websites that have the desired subtitle file for download.

Step 4 – Select the Subtitle File in the Right Language

Once you have found the right subtitle file sorted by the frame rate, download the file to your computer where the movie is. You should be careful with online downloads at all times. While downloading from unsecured websites, make sure to activate your computer’s security software to ensure that viruses, worms, and malware are detected early before proliferating.

To avoid frustrations, be sure that the file you downloaded is the same year as the earlier downloaded movie. Doing this helps to cut down on the chances of downloading the wrong subtitle file for your movie.

Step 5 – Extract the Subtitle File

In most cases, subtitle files are in compressed formats when downloaded. Once you have downloaded the subtitle file, proceed to extract the zipped file. Doing this will expose the “.srt” file that is your subtitle file. Depending on the name of the subtitle file, you may need to make edits and rename it to match the movie title. Doing this allows you to find it easily for subsequent use/

Step 6 – Open your Desired Media Player

After renaming the subtitle file, proceed to open your media player and load your movie of choice on it. While the movie is playing, right-click on the movie player’s display screen and locate the “Subtitles” option. Once you have clicked on this option, you will be prompted to open the location of the subtitle file. Navigate to the subtitle file’s location using the open dialogue box and click “Open”. Once the subtitle file has been loaded onto the media player, you can expect to see the English subtitle on the bottom middle part of the screen. Subtitles are usually per frame to ensure that you do not miss a word said by the movie characters.

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