How content marketing helps to grow business on YouTube

How content marketing helps to grow business on YouTube

Content marketing is all about making your presence felt online. As the internet grows in age, online information becomes more exhaustive and a major source of value for any stakeholders.

It was always about content.  Be it a book, a movie, a television or radio program, or the eCommerce that practices online business, capturing and engaging the audience was through content only.

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Why is content marketing preferred today?

Why is content marketing preferred today?

Big businesses adapt well to changing market environments. When the internet was not yet there, advertisements were popular with traditional print and television media, billboards, hoardings, and Radio jingles.  Over the past decade, the audience and consumers went online in a big way and brands knew that they had to create compelling content to improve their visibility and gain the audience’s trust.

Content marketing is highly effective as it connects to millions of people online in the shortest time. The other reason for its popularity is its cost-effectiveness. Statistics say that it cost around 60% less than traditional marketing and leads generated were three times more. Big brands that adapt well to techniques of SEO were found to experience 8 times more traffic and 6 times higher lead conversion.

Why YouTube marketing?

YouTube marketing is unique and different from other online platforms as its main content is in the form of videos. But this can be utilized to one’s advantage. If one follows a disciplined path of setting up a channel, optimizing its video with relevant edits, using out of box strategies like taking the help of service providers to buy YouTube views, advertising on YouTube, then getting enough subscribers, and monetizing the channel is easy.

The advantage of marketing on YouTube is that there is less competition in case you happen to be a small business. With only around 10% of them using this platform advertising, the potential to get noticed is enormous, as more audiences respond to video contents. Videos are a hit in the world of b2b content marketing today as people have less patience to go through lengthy textual content. Videos highlight and send across the message to viewers in a shorter time and more captivating manner. It is seen that rankings of videos are higher on social media. Shorter videos with ads resonate perfectly with the audience whose attention span is low.

The video library with specific genres are useful for creators and users alike and having the right keywords in the video helps users to search and connect quickly.  Videos on YouTube allow one to embed them to blog posts on other platforms. This linking allows blog posts to be more captivating and reach out to a massively diverse audience.  Having the support of both YouTube and Google search engine is a double advantage where one can leverage their content across platforms as google search tends to throw up YouTube videos first.

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