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How Kinesio Tex Gold FP Is Different From Kinesio Tex Classic

Kinesiology tape has gained much popularity in recent years with innovative precut strips (X, Y, and fan strips), gentle tapes, and various eye-catching assorted colors and patterns. And now, Kinesio is gaining limelight with the major launch of a new product- Kinesio Tex Gold Tape.

But what is Kinesio Tex Gold FP Tape?

Kinesio Tex Gold FP is a unique Kinesio tape that offers the same benefits of the original Kinesio stretch tape but with new patented fingerprint (FP) technology. The high quality cotton with advanced technology makes it even a better tape designed for patients. With improved holding application it replicates human touch. The purpose behind this technology is to mimic the swirls on the fingertips, which provide Nano-stimulation of the epidermis and multiple layers beneath it. This results in reduced time for healing and rehabilitation.

Features of Kinesio Tex Gold FP

Kinesio Gold FP tape retains the core elastic properties of original Kinesio tape but with more advanced features as enlisted below:

  • Improved kinesiology tape with advanced fingertip technology along with protective weaving process
  • Nano-touch microsimulation to the epidermis and underlying fascia.
  • Resembles human touch by mimicking swirls of fingertips.
  • Reduce pain and swelling without restricting mobility.
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic
  • Made up of high-quality breathable fabric-cotton. Dry faster
  • Effective hold and adhesion with micro-grip deep adhesive
  • Can wear for longer times due to improved contact with skin
  • Enhanced therapeutic and healing benefits
  • Comfortable for people of all ages

Kinesio Gold FP Tape VS Kinesio Tex Classic

  • While Kinesio classic tape is the best selling kinesiology tape in the world, Kinesio Tex Gold FP is designed for more advanced dealings in diverse and complex health issues.
  • The adhesive in Kinesio classic Tex tape has a wave pattern that generates sensory stimulation into the skin and allows moisture to flow easily from the Tape. Whereas, the swirl resemblance of the fingertips on Tex Gold FP Tape results in deeper penetration into multilayers of the skin by creating Nano-stimulation, which benefits in neurological conditions.
  • The adhesive on FP tape set deep into the fabric while in the classic Tape it stays on the surface. This deep-set adhesive has a much stronger hold by creating micro-grip, which makes Kinesio Tex Gold FP tape to stay longer without harming the skin.
  • Tex Gold FP tape has more breathable fabric due to less adhesive per square inch.
  • While both Tapes are made up of cotton along with the backing of acrylic adhesive, Tex Gold FP tape has higher thread count cotton, spandex elastic, and is woven with the weaving process. This makes FP more comfortable and consistent in terms of feedback by enhancing therapeutic and healing benefits.
  • Tex gold FP tape is a bit costlier than Kinesio Tex classic tape because of advanced technology and additional manufacturing cost.
  • Though the two Tapes differ in some aspects, the applications of both are relatively the same. However, FP tape is lightweight, and hence the chances of overstretching eliminates during application.
  • While classic Tex tape is more suitable for supportive applications, FP tape is highly recommendable for rehab and medical settings.

To summarize

 Fortunately, with two types of kinesis tape options available, it is not a matter of concluding, which is the best, it is simply the matter of deciding which is more appropriate according to your needs. The pricing and features of kinesis classic tape make it an ideal choice for consumers who are new to taping.

It is a good choice for supportive sports applications because of its heavyweight. While Kinesio Tex FP tape is highly recommended by health professionals and trained clinical for its better utility feature. But, ultimately both tapes are world-class options for treating the injury.

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