How many hours do Navy sailors sleep?

Do Navy sailors get long hours to sleep? If they don’t, how long do they get to sleep? A lot of promising Naval sailors are usually bothered with the sleep pattern on the ship, so if you are worried about it, you are not in this alone. In today’s guide, we’ll be looking at how many hours Navy sailors get to sleep on a ship.

Before now, the Navy sailors had less time to sleep but there has been a recent update on the sleep policy given to sailors on watch rotations which allows them to sleep a bit more which makes them feel more focused and rested.

A comprehensive crew endurance management policy was signed off on the 11th of December by the Naval Surface Force Pacific and Naval Surface Force Atlantic was issued a few months after two fatal at-sea collisions happened in 2017. This new directive was issued to combat the problems that come with fatigued watchstanders.

The directive requires commanders to establish watch rotations schedules that’ll implement a natural sleep-wake concept and a supporting schedule that ensures that the sailors have an opportunity to sleep. The directive also stresses on a renewed risk-management matrix that’ll be based on the 24-hour internal  clock for commands crafting watch bills. How does the matrix work? The matrix weighs each watchstander’s watch-to-rest ratio, equipment, experience, and coherence in order to determine the mitigation and risks which can sometimes require them to provide them with additional supervision or sleep and in some cases swap out the inexperienced sailors.

With the new policy or directive, how many hours do I get to sleep as a Navy sailor?

The 2017 instruction, allows for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep which is split into a 2-hour nap and a 5-hour sleep in 24 hours. The 2017 guideline corresponds with the minimum 8 or 7 hours of daily sleep that the NTSB deems necessary to ensure alertness and at the same time reduce fatigue.

In reality, you may not get up to 7 complete hours of uninterrupted sleep and because of that, the new policy slightly raises that minimum. With the new policy, sailors are allowed to sleep for a minimum of 7.5 hours per day (i.e., n 24 hours). This way, the sailors can either get an uninterrupted 1.5-hour restorative nap and an uninterrupted 6-hour sleep period.

As earlier stated, the new guidelines aim to improve the crew’s effectiveness by eliminating fatigue since it’s already a known fact that when watchstanders are deprived of sleep, they tend to become less effective, react slower and sometimes make them struggle to make good judgement or decisions. The expanded guideline also warns against making sailors work beyond 12 hours. Additionally, chronic sleep deprivation results in serious health issues such as diabetes and obesity but you don’t have to worry about that right? Since you get to sleep a minimum of 7.5 hours in 24 hours.

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