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How One Company Is Changing Nicotine Vape Juice Forever!

First of all, quitting smoking is tough. There’s a wide range of techniques and products claiming to ease the process, and many of them actually do help, but require sacrificing your social life and vastly changing your routine.

Vaping, on the other side, is a way of quitting cigarettes by inhaling nicotine in a different way, getting fewer toxins that come from burning tobacco. It is a way to stay social and also spend less!

What Is Vaping?

You can think of vaping as a modern age form of smoking. When you vape, you inhale a vapor (infused with nicotine) from e-juice or e-liquid. This liquid is heated in an electronic device, which can come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s a fit for everyone. When you hold the button on the device, you activate the heating element, and voila – you’re ready to vape!

Each device consists of this heating element, wicking material, a battery, and a tank holding the liquid. The wicking material is wrapped around a heating coil, and it absorbs the e-liquid when the button is pressed, sending the vapor through the device and to the user.

Another great difference between smoking standard cigarettes and vaping is the sheer variety of vape juice flavors you can choose from, and when it comes to picking your nicotine vape juice, the folks at eCigOz do work their magic! There you can explore dozens of masterfully made e-juices, funky both in style and flavor.

MTL (Mouth to Lung) vs DTL (Direct to Lung)

Now there are two ways to inhale – mouth to lung & direct to lung. Most smokers use cigarettes mouth to lung, which means first sucking the smoke into your mouth, and then through your mouth – inhaling it to your lungs. With vaping, DTL or direct to lung is more common, as vaping is less harsh of an experience than classical smoking and airflow are usually less restricted. This technique you perform by inhaling the vapor straight to your lungs, rather than sucking on the device, which means you get larger volumes of vape because you can use your full lung capacity.

Is it Safe to Vape?

Obviously, no one should recommend you starting vaping if you’re not already a smoker, you should know that vaping is found to be 90-95% safer than traditional smoking! Of course, you should also think about buying the best quality products, to be even more on the safe side. You’ll be like a kid in a candy store when you start exploring the eCigOz range of vape juice, where you’ll find all sorts of delicious flavors you’ll never get bored of!

Vaping Fun Facts

  1. Electronic cigarettes are also called e-hookahs, vapes, vape pens, or ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems)
  2. About 2/3 of teens who vape use fruit-flavored e-juices, although mint/menthol is surely the most popular.
  3. There are around 50 million users of vaping products in the world.
  4. The highest user base is in China, followed by the US and Europe.
  5. There are vaping devices smaller than a standard USB drive, making them easy to hide.
  6. There are more than 7000 flavors, which is startling compared to the variety in standard cigarettes.
  7. There are vape clubs, places that hold conventions and let people hang out and try new flavors or swap devices.

The Vape Culture

Imagine entering a vape lounge, getting greeted by experts on staff, welcoming and helping you start or advance your vaping journey. They say you’ll feel a sense of community, a big smoky and not unpleasant community of people unified in quitting cigarettes and exploring the flavorful vaping world. There may be a talented one, who performing tricks and “stunts” with the vast amounts of smoke they inhale. Stereotypes about vaping are discussed, because there is an ever-present image of a vape douche, invariably a man, and this generalization bothers the vape community.

Always be open to recommendations from fellow vapers, especially those who are in it longer. Struck by such a vast variety of choices, it’s not unusual you might need some time, and assistance before you find just the right device and the flavor that is just perfect for you!

The folks at eCigOz might just be the mentors you are looking for, with amazing flavors and devices like the UWELL Yearn, a super simple system coming with a range of delicious pods, said to be so good it puts the popular JUUL to shame! The UWELL Yearn is draw-activated, so no more buttons randomly firing in your pocket or bag.

Vaping VS Smoking

The toxins produced by burning tobacco can cause smoking-related illnesses, and the goal of every smoker should be to stop smoking completely. Vaping on the other side, although not harmless, is much less harmful than smoking.  This is because vaping uses a different way of delivering nicotine. It’s not exactly the same, but many people have said that vaping helped them stop smoking. It has a similar hand-to-mouth action as smoking, and also it can be social. One more thing that might reel you into switching to vape is the great difference in cost. Besides the initial setup cost (40-60$), vaping is much less expensive than cigarettes. Twenty cigarettes per day can add up to around 9000$ a year. On the other side, the yearly cost of vaping can cost around 900$ a year.

Whether you are interested in vaping as a way of quitting smoking, want to try out something new, or you’re just drawn by the flavorful smokes your friends keep puffing your way, vaping is an interesting phenomenon to explore! Sit back and enjoy the abundance of flavors, and have fun with the thick clouds of fruity smoke you’re exhaling. Don’t be one of those treating your vape like a fog machine, but try and enjoy every bit of it. Keep in mind that nicotine, both in regular cigarettes and in e-juice, is very addictive and should be approached as such. Use it in moderation.

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