Not everyone has naturally gorgeous hair, and so there is a strong need for human hair weaves and wigs, like Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, and Cambodian hair, regardless of the price. The maintenance procedure allows many to reuse their human hair extensions for up to two years or more. Human hair extensions and wigs/weaves demand the same care as your real hair. The better you look after your human hair weave, the longer it will last.

Most women believe that these products do not require maintenance or attention because these items are labeled “human hair weave .” In reality, just as natural hair causes problems when it is not properly kept, so does human hair weave. The following techniques will help you ensure that your extensions and wigs last a long time.


curly human hair weaves

Brush out any tangles before you begin washing the hair weave. If it’s a wavy/curly human hair weave, finger comb it to prevent tangles or giving it a bubbly appearance. Do not comb your hair soon after washing it; instead, wait until it is completely dried before attempting to comb it.

When combing your human hair wig, use a special broad iron or steel comb to brush your hair weave, starting at the bottom and working up. This prevents your hair weave from shedding. If you have a curly human hair weave, you should not use the comb frequently; instead, use your hand to make it tidy after wearing.


Weave/wig stand

A common mistake is washing the hair weaves directly

You can wash your hair weave in the shower just by washing it the way you wash your natural hair. The best way to clean your weave is to remove it, wash it, and reinstall it. Washing your human weave once every 1-2 months is excellent; however, this depends on how often you wear it. Apply the shampoo or conditioner on your palms before running them through the weave.

Allow the shampoo to seep in the human hair weave. After washing, always use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner. Check to see whether the shampoo or conditioner increases moisture.


Using a blower to dry hair weaves 

A damp weave is not only unpleasant, but it may also be harmful to one’s health. The moisture can rapidly cause your scalp to smell, and you may feel as if you have a heavy basket on top of your hair. After washing your weave, make sure it is all dry and touch the weft to ensure it is not damp before you install it.

Instead of using a blower to dry your weave hair, remove excess water from the hair by gently tapping a dry towel and setting it in a ventilated area to avoid UV damage. It is recommended to let human hair weaves dry naturally, as using hair dryers excessively might cause hair damage. However, if required, adjust the dryer to a cold setting and carefully comb out the hair weave with a wide-toothed brush.


Catch 22 of hair- the right time to comb?

The most important thing is to not comb your hair soon after washing it; instead, wait until it is completely dried before attempting to comb it. When combing your human hair weave, use a special broad brush to comb it, starting from the bottom and working up. This will keep your hair from shedding. If you have a curly  weave, avoid using a comb; instead, use your hand to make it tidy after wearing.


Heat or No heat?

If you frequently use a flat iron or curler on your, it will become dull, dry, and brittle. Most of the weaves offer a smooth and delicate texture, eliminating the need for relaxers. Using these chemicals may result in further processing that ruins your weave. Using hairspray on your hair wigs, like gel water or pomade, will cause the hair to get oily and messy. In that case, you can opt for a non-oily conditioner.

Non-oily conditioner is simple to use- spray a few times before wearing your hair wig, and it will help your hair weave be silky and vibrant, avoid static electricity, keep your hair moist, and smoothen it like new hair. If you think a heat-styling tool needs to be used here, apply a heat protectant to the hair beforehand.


Two is better than one

Hair weaves and extensions can cause harm to your hairline if they are not worn properly and are left on your head for an extended period. Remove your weaves regularly to wash and maintain your natural hair. It will assist you in maintaining a nice appearance while also caring for your natural hair.

If you’re wearing a wig, you can replace it with two or more. If your hair weave is tangling after a lengthy period of usage, do not pull it; instead, spritz some wig-specific non-oily conditioner on it and carefully comb it with a wide-toothed comb or by hand. Do not rush, and take your time.


Blonde Hair Weaves

You may certainly wear your hair wig up. Just remember the “law” of avoiding tying your hair too high in case your hair falls out. Visiting your stylist regularly for proper hair care will keep your weave looking fresh. The hairdresser will clip any broken hair, tighten any loose braids, and ensure that the weft is secure and that your natural hair is healthy.

In moderation, use alcohol-free styling products like mousse, gel, and hairspray. Excessive use of oily or greasy products can attract debris and oil accumulation, causing your hair to tangle.


Take a break and heal your hair

Weaves can last from six to twelve weeks, depending on their quality and how well you care for them. When it’s time to change your weave, plan on waiting two to four weeks before adding a new one. That pause is necessary for your hair to avoid irreversible damage.

You should carefully maintain your hair during this period to ensure that it is good enough to sustain a new weave.

  1. Some Extra Care Tips


Little extra never hurt anyone

  • Avoid touching your hair all the time.
  • Touching human hair extensions transfers oils and grime from the fingers to the hair, causing them to seem dull and unappealing.
  • Avoid wearing your hair inside the swimming pool. If you want to do so, rinse your hair weave with tap water before entering and after leaving the pool. Human hair weaves can be damaged by chlorinated water. It is best not to enter the pool at all with your human hair weaves.
  • Avoid scratching your scalp, as it can produce frizzy roots and visible fractures.
  • When keeping a human hair weave, make sure it’s in well-ventilated packets and that it’s not matted or knotted.
  • Before going to bed, plait your hair, pin it up, roller-set it, or roll it using bendy rollers. To minimize pillow friction, sleep with a satin cap or on a satin-covered pillow.

Anything extreme you do to your natural hair will most certainly cause problems. That is precisely how your human product behaves, regardless of the seller’s claims and promises. Using premium quality, human hair extensions can help you eradicate many problems you might face with low-quality weaves.

Read this hair guide to get the best information if you want to know more about clip-ins, weave extensions, and more. These care suggestions may guide you in extending the life of your human weave.


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