How to Choose a Therapist Who’s Right for You: 5 Handy Tips

Are you struggling with your mental health? Many people are struggling these days and this could be for any number of reasons. This could be COVID-related, recovering from trauma, relationship issues, work concerns or you are generally struggling with stress, anxiety and/or depression.

For those in this situation, it is important that you know how to choose a therapist. This is the first hurdle to overcome and will have a huge impact on your journey. So, if you want to know how to choose a good therapist, keep reading for 5 handy tips.

  1. Identify Your Needs

First, you should identify your needs. There are many reasons that someone seeks therapy and many different types of therapists. As an example, how to choose a marriage therapist will differ from how to choose a therapist for anxiety, especially if you’re seeking to get anxiety disorder treatment online in a city like Houston. This is why you need to identify what issues you are having, how they are affecting your daily life, and what you are hoping to achieve.

  1. Compare Websites Online

Knowing how to choose a mental health therapist is different to other professional services. Normally, people ask friends and family for recommendations, but this could be problematic when it comes to choosing a therapist as it could create confidentiality issues and many therapists refuse to work with people that know one another.

Instead, you should look online and compare websites. You should pay close attention to their field of expertise, licenses ad qualifications, the services that they provide and any testimonials from their clients.

  1. Use “Find a Therapist” Tools

It can be time-consuming and stressful to search for therapists yourself, which is why a great option is to use online tools to find a therapist that ticks all of the boxes for your needs. Often, you can browse by location, insurance accepted and speciality to filter your results and find the perfect therapist.

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  1. Arrange a Consultation

You should always arrange a consultation either in person, on the phone or by video call before settling on a therapist. It is vital that this is someone that you trust and feel comfortable with, which you will only be able to gauge with a meeting. You should use this as a chance to ask questions, which might include:

  • Why should I choose you over another therapist?
  • How long have you been practicing?
  • Do you have experience working with people who have similar problems to mine?
  • How do sessions work?
  • Can you provide emergency sessions/calls?

These are just a few questions, but you should also consider your own. When it comes to choosing a therapist, you will find that it is important to go with your gut as it needs to be someone that you feel comfortable with.

  1. Consider Practicalities & Cost

You also need to consider the practicalities. You might find the perfect therapist, but if their office is an hour away or they have limited availability then they will not be the best option. Additionally, financial considerations will be key and you need to ask about treatment fees and learn how much your insurance will cover.

Learn How to Choose a Therapist With These 5 Tips

Hopefully, this post will teach you how to choose a therapist that will be a good fit. This is the first step on your mental health journey and one that you need to get right so that you can get the best treatment and improve your overall wellbeing.

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