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How to Choose Easy Change Browband For Your Horse

Are you having trouble finding the browband for your horse? Choosing the right browband for your horse is just as necessary as getting a regular medical checkup because a non-fitting browband can hurt your horse. There are a plethora of possibilities from which to choose. When it comes to choosing a cost-effective, stylish, and functional browband, there are various choices to select best for your horse.

Browbands are a simple and quick method to transform the look with a variety of styles and designs. Horse browbands with high-quality details and ornamentation are a simple way to change up your ordinary leather browband for fashion or competition. However, many important factors need to keep in mind while shopping because one wrong decision may result in unbearable discomfort to your horse.

When you are going to buy easy change browband for your horse, there are different things to consider, some of them are explained in the following:

Things to Consider While Buying Browband:

  • Choose Right Size & Width

Horses compete in  too small and large browbands that are for them which causes the whole appearance to disintegrate. When you are purchasing a browband for your horse, ensure that it is large enough to fit perfectly. You have to make sure the browband fits under the base of the ear instead of rubbing at the bottom of the ear’s muscle. It makes the horse’s ear appear cluttered, yet it is necessary for your horse’s comfort.

There are many different widths of browbands in the market, and your choices should be based on the distance between the top of the horse’s eye and the base of the ear. On the other hand, some horses have a lot of space, whereas others don’t. When you decide on the width of the browband, keep this factor in your mind.

Measurement Pro Tip:- Start your measurement from horses’ ear’s back edge, around the forehead and then back edge of the other ear.
  • Choose The Right Color

The color of the browband you choose is determined on the basis of your horse’s appearance. On a professional level, conventional color combinations such as blue, white, and red are widely used. Colors come and go with the trend, but when choosing a color combination, pick something that keep your hose stand out of the crowd. Make sure the color matches the horse’s coat. Choose colors that make a horse’s overall appearance bold and near to one another.

  • Price

Whether you are on budget or looking for a luxury option, go for something you’ll be proud to show off for years. As you know good quality lasts for a long time.  Leather browbands are the most cost-effective option if you have a limited budget yet want to acquire the best quality. The same leather browbands are available with different embellishments to add luxury factor. 

In Summing Up

The browbands are one of the important things for the horse ridders who love their horses and don’t want them to be uncomfortable while running. These are some important tips that help you in buying the perfect browband for your horse.

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