How to crack NEET examination

NEET is a standard entrance test in India for admission to MBBS and BDS programmes. The rivalry for a spot in a government medical institution grows every year, making it tough to pass NEET with a respectable score. For students in their class 12, there is also the strain of managing board examinations and preparing for NEET. On the one hand, the rivalry is fierce, and on the other, the curriculum is extensive. To do well on the NEET exam, students must give consideration to all topics equally, notably physics, chemistry, and biology. Many students require multiple attempts to pass this exam, while others want to pass on the first try.

The Class 12 Board Examination is usually the first-ever try. NEET tests the education of aspirants from both class 11 and 12 syllabi of physics, chemistry and biology. If students have a firm foundation in the core concepts, they can easily pass NEET on the first try. Top NEET students say that instead of delaying the test till the following session, they should focus on improving their preparation. The majority of students (about 60-70 per cent) pass the NEET test on their first try, despite the fact that the figure varies from year to year.

Most of the students who are preparing for NEET are well aware of the fact that they need to study daily and prepare a lot before they sit in their examination hall. They can use sample question papers such as  Sample Question Paper to practise every day. This article will discuss some tips they can follow along with their daily study routine to help them crack NEET more easily and efficiently.

How to begin the preparation?

Divide and conquer strategy

Students can use this method to separate the curriculum for classes 11 and 12 and study them one at a time. Students must review what they learned in their previous year’s class, particularly in the fields of chemistry, physics, and biology, as part of their NEET preparation. They can then move on to comprehensively preparing class 12 subjects after thoroughly studying class 11 subjects. This will keep their study routine structured and flexible.

Should make a schedule subject-wise preparation

Students must adhere to a study regimen that is tailored to their everyday activities. This timetable can be subject-based, such as one day studying chemistry and the next day studying biology. This subject-wise preparation will make sure that all three subjects are given equal importance. Making the study plan is easy, sticking to it is where the challenge lies. Students must put extra efforts and follow the routine diligently.

Set deadlines for everyday

The timetable that students must create should include daily deadlines that must be reached—for example, completing a chapter after 4 hours of intense study. Tasks should be scheduled in advance for everyday preparation ahead of schedule and know what to accomplish the next day.

Go through the NCERT books thoroughly

NCERT books are widely known throughout the country as the finest study material for preparing for class 12 board exams as well as competitive admission exams like NEET and JEE. NCERT books are meticulously crafted, with well-researched information presented in a logical and easy-to-understand format. These books are recognised for providing precise and in-depth information on all of the topics covered in the CBSE syllabus, which helps to speed up the preparation process. Reading these books extensively will provide aspirants with a solid understanding of the essential ideas that must be learned.

Aim for in-depth knowledge instead of mugging up

Because NEET is a highly competitive test, the questions asked can be twisted in a variety of ways, and out-of-the-box questions can also be posed, catching candidates off-guard. Hence, it is of core importance that the students thoroughly understand all the concepts in the three subjects instead of mugging them up for their sake.

How to know if they are ready or not?

Take mock tests

Practise is vital, especially in subjects that require critical thinking and problem solving, such as physics and chemistry—taking mock tests using sample question papers and previous year’s question papers to know what kind of questions can be asked during their NEET examination. Any mistakes they make during this test, they can later work on to amend.


Revising what they have already covered weekly can help students to retain the information for a longer time. It also helps them to make fewer mistakes and provide more accurate answers. Practising and revising daily should be the main section of students’ study schedules.

Self-analysis of their speed and accuracy

NEET is a speed-sensitive exam, which means students can not waste any time answering their question paper. They need to practise daily and take mock tests to evaluate their speed and work on increasing it with time.

How to stay confident and motivated throughout the preparation?

Clear doubts

If students end up having any doubts, it is better to get them cleared up before they start with their final revision. This will decrease their chances of making any silly errors and increase their confidence while preparing.

Take small but frequent breaks

Avoiding health can be bad for the students. They need to eat healthy food and take enough rest, so they keep their minds fresh. Fresher minds can retain more information easily. Hence, frequent small breaks between intense study sessions are very necessary.

Keep themselves motivated

Staying motivated throughout their preparation will help the students to keep on going without any second thoughts or anxiety. They should regularly motivate themselves by asking the question- ‘why did I start?’ The answer they get next will keep them motivated throughout their preparation and exam.


Students who want to pass their NEET examinations on the first try must understand that studying alone will not prepare them for such a difficult test; they must follow the tips listed above and stick to their study plan if they want to pass their NEET exam with flying colours. Great effort and dedication will undoubtedly open many possibilities for aspirants in the future!

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