How To Create Facebook Video Ads That Get Noticed?

Now and then, a query pops up in the digital marketing world; how to pay for Facebook likes?

Facebook indeed increases the page reach with the number of likes. And it’s common knowledge amongst digital marketers. But there is a more effective marketing tool offered by Facebook, video ads.

Tapping into this useful resource can lead to dynamic growth for online brands and pages. Strategic and well-planned video ad placement can provide an average conversion rate of 9.21%. That’s a staggering percentage for any striving business!

In this post, we will discuss the 5-best ways to create Facebook video ads that get noticed and hit high conversion rates. Read more!

Facebook Video Ads: The Magical Marketing Tool

Facebook is an amazing platform for businesses. Not only does it offer access to thousands of potential customers but also comes with effective marketing features. Likes, hashtags, carousels, and video ads are just a few to name.

So, why should you create Facebook video ads amongst all other options? Well, there are several reasons behind it, including:

  • The Facebook audience loves videos.

According to one study, approximately 65% of the users on Facebook watch videos. So, using video ads, there’s a better reach. You have a higher chance of increasing your brand awareness.

Plus, around 85% of Facebook users belong to countries outside of Canada and America. Thus, you also have access to a wider potential customer base.

  • Facebook videos have more engagement than text.

Videos on Facebook generate 6.13% engagement, that is higher than other content formats. Hence, video ads not only guarantee better reach but response too. You can stay assured that your message is getting conveyed successfully to the masses.

  • Facebook video ads promise data-driven results.

The best part about the Facebook video ads feature is that it lets you set a target audience. You can use specific demographic profiles to increase conversion rates.

5-Ways to Create Best Facebook Video Ads

Now, we’ve discussed the benefits of Facebook video ads. Let’s move on to how to create effective video ads.

Attention-Grabbing Content

Most video campaigns make an impact within the first ten seconds. Hence, it’s best to get precise yet creative with your video content. You should be able to grab the viewer’s attention quickly.

Use high-quality visuals and storytelling to spark interest. Also, add captivating headlines that address the pain points of the target audience.

Native Video Ad Style

One thing any consumer hates is seeing ads pop up on their feed. So, does it mean you should stop creating them? Certainly not!

Instead, alter the style and satisfy their conscience by presenting video ads that appear native. And, by native, we mean it should appear more like regular Facebook content than stick-out commercials. It will get them interacting more and even purchasing your products!

Videos that Work Without Sound

Facebook auto-plays most videos on the feed. However, around 85% of them are mute by default. So, you should create video ads that get the job done without audio.

You can do so by subtitles, storytelling, bold graphics, and headlines. Some people prefer placing sound on reminders in between the video ad.


Nowadays, more people access the internet using their mobile phones than desktops or tablets. It is why mobile-friendly video ads content should be a priority. Use vertical video formats and resolutions that appear better on mobile screens.

Powerful CTAs

There’s no point in a video ad that doesn’t encourage the viewer to take action. CTA, or call-to-action, is important to ensure your ads convert. You can place them in the end or at intervals.


All in all, Facebook video ads are an effective way to boost your brand’s online presence and revenues. We hope this post helps you create the best-performing ads easily. Good luck!

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