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How To Create Whipped Cream

Learning how to make a sweetened and fresh whipped cream at home with simple ingredients helps you discover the endless possibilities that a whipped cream dispenser avails to you. With its billowy, light texture, whipped cream offers a flawless topping for cupcakes, cakes, pies, crepes, trifles, and cheesecakes among others.

How to create whipped cream

Things that you will need:

●       Whipped cream dispenser

●       A mixing bowl

●       Heavy whipping cream, or cold heavy cream

●       Sugar for sweetening

●       Vanilla extract

Note about the sugar: Some people believe that granulated sugar is much better in whipped creams, while others prefer the confectioner’s sugar. But if you will be working with just a few tablespoonfuls, there is a likelihood that it will not make much difference. However, confectioners’ sugar is better for those who are working on a large scale because it dissolves fully and doesn’t leave granules and texture, and doesn’t have lots of calories when compared to granulated sugar. So try to choose wisely.


1. Start with a heavy, but cold cream.

Cold creams are better to whip and produce better results. Cold cream can also create a lighter cream when whipped. You will find that rooms at room temperatures are not better than chilled creams. If you are not in a big hurry, you could place the cream in a bowl for about half an hour, or inside a freezer for fifteen minutes.

2. Whip the cream, with vanilla and sugar together.

Choose medium to high speed because that slower or excessively fast paces may not produce the best results.

3. Stay around.

It takes just a  few minutes to great a fantastic whipped cream, but the difference between a perfect cream and an over-mixed whipped cream is just a matter of seconds. So you should be there to remove it when you see that bluffly, billow, and smooth texture.

4. Keep looking for medium peaks.

You are asked to be on the lookout for medium peaks, but what are these?  Whenever you lift the beaters or have it whisked out from the bowl, a slightly strong peak needs to form on them. The peak will look like it’s slightly drooping down, but it will not be losing its shape fully. At some intervals, you should not be worried about stopping the mixer to check the consistency.

5. Infuse your flavors.

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