How to deactivate location features on Google so as not to continue to be monitored

A recent finding published recently indicates that Google continues to monitor the location of their users.

Don’t want to continue to be monitored by Google? There is a way that can be done. The first way to do this is to make sure you use the same Google account that is used on your Android device.

Then, to completely block access to the location, you need to disable the location feature on the device. This can be done before making any changes to the settings on your Google account.

After that, you can log in to in the browser to access information on your hoverboard backpacks

If you log in on the desktop, click the profile photo in the top right corner, then click Google Account. Select the My Activity or My Activity option.

If you just visited the page, there must be a lot of data displayed. Including one of the settings to disable tracking your location.

From there, you can choose the Activity Control option. This option gives you access to various information related to various activities that you do with a Google account.

Google Activity Control

Google previously explained, data stored on a user’s Google account helps users get more personal experience when using all Google services.

Here, there are some parts that need to be disabled, including web and application activities, location history, device information, audio and audio activity, to YouTube search history. How to disable it just click the button next to each entry.

If you want to see more information about the location previously tracked, click the option that says Manage Activity in the location section.

There, you can rediscover the places you have visited and the route that you traveled. Users can delete any data that is entered.

How to delete location history

To delete it, click on any day info in the timeline then press the trash icon in the lower right corner.

This method will delete your location information for one full day from the Google server. You can do the same for other information. hover shoes light up

By opening My Activity settings, there are many things that you can find and may also make you surprised because of the complete information that you find. Especially if you don’t disable the location and other features.

Even so, Google guarantees, no one else can see the information. As such, there are no privacy issues that might be violated.

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