Identify Different Plants
Identify Different Plants

How To Easily Identify Different Plants

There are a number of online tools and applications which have made plant identification extremely easy and accessible to everyone. These applications usually operate with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology and work through image recognition. 

Plant care identifiers recognise a plant from the image provided by uploading it in their system and running through their databases. After the identification is complete, these applications provide us with all the necessary information about the background as well as the species of the plant. 

The information thus provided by these tools are absolutely appropriate and can be used for educational, research work as well as recreational purposes.  

An Overview of AI Plant Identifier

The AI Plant identifier is otherwise called This is one of the most reliable free plant identifier service tools available online. This identifier operates on a cloud server and can be accessed through any search engine thereby removing the need for any application download. It works on any type of device ranging from mobile to laptop as well as desktop with ease.

You can identify plants by picture online through image recognition technology. The user needs to upload a picture and the app will provide them with all necessary information pertaining to the picture within a few seconds. It not only gives information but also gives the users the Wikipedia page link of the searched plant to let them explore additional facts. 

Step-by-step guide to use AI Plant Identifier tool 

To learn how to identify plants using AI Plant Identifier, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser in your mobile phone or computer and visit this website WhatisthePlant
  2. Click on the Plant option and upload your desired image in the drop box. You can also paste the image URL and search. Make sure your image size does not exceed beyond 5 MB. 
  3. Once, the identifier finishes the processing of data, it will provide you with every bit of information required. 
  4. To perform a fresh search, please follow this guide from the start. 

An Overview of Plantsnap

This Plant identifier is a mobile application that is available across various operating systems like Android and iOS. It is free to download and use but also has an option for premium subscription. Premium subscription is said to enhance the entire experience of identifying plants through this app. 

The Plantsnap application also operates by using the image recognition technology. The users need to share the picture of the plant via their phones and the application provides them with plenty of effective details. This app additionally uses augmented reality to enrich the experience of the user. Moreover, it allows the users to view plant snaps from around the world. 

Steps-by-step guide to use Plantsnap App 

Here we have provided a step-by-step guide to install the Plantsnap App- 

  1. If using an Android mobile device, visit this link on your mobile web browser
  2. If using an Apple device, please visit this link on a web browser
  3. Install and launch the app.  
  4. Upload the desired picture of your plant and search the database for identification. 
  5. Once the scanning is over the app will provide you with information about the definite species from around the world.

It’s important to note that the play store and app store links for free version and premium version are different. So always make sure you’re visiting the right link before downloading the app on your phone. 

An Overview of Garden Answers App

This is a plant identifier that is trusted across various platforms. It is a mobile application which is available in Google Play store as well as Apple Store. The identifier provides a lot of features besides plant identification. 

It is mostly useful for gardening purposes and provides extensive information on gardening techniques. The app also provides their users with an additional facility of contacting gardening and plant experts virtually.  

The application can be used on a mobile phone or a tablet and also operates through image recognition like most identifiers. It has an easy-to-use interface. Users need to click a picture through their phone camera and search it.  

The application then scans their database and provides the users with the background of the plant and also details about pests or diseases that the plant might have.  

Step-by-step guide to use Garden Answers App

Please follow these steps to efficiently use the Garden Answers app on your mobile device:

  1. Based on your mobile phone’s operating system, visit the link as follows in a web browser:
    1. For Apple phone users:
    2. For Android phone users: 
  2. Install and launch the app. Please remember that the user interface might change a bit, but the processing and features will all be the same irrespective of your operating system. 
  3. Login with your Google account or Facebook account to continue. Once registered, select an option from the menu, say “take a photo of your plant”.
  4. You can either click a fresh picture or upload an image from the gallery on the app and search for identification.
  5. You can also ask for an expert’s advice regarding gardening and other plant related studies.
  6. There are many more options in the main menu. For example, you can shop for desired plants nearby. The app will tell you about the potentially nearby plant shops.


In this article, you have reviewed three plant identifying tools which are user-friendly and preferable. While one is an online web page, the other two operate through mobile applications. All the three of them are free. You can thus regulate your needs and use them based upon your own requirements. Please remember that some features in the app may not work efficiently in every region. For example, the “plants near me” feature in Garden Answers app may fail to tell you nearby plants if no one has uploaded the data in the app. Some paid or premium versions are available, but it’s strongly suggested not to pay for the app unless you’re satisfied with the features. Always try out the free trial before paying.

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