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How To Engage Your Kids With Paint By Number Kits in Quarantine

In this pandemic situation, where everyone is carrying out social distancing and trying to use this lock down beat in nifty manner, how to engage your kids in Quarantine?

We know satisfying a child keeping all the reservations in mind is not a hot cake to enjoy. Kids do what they want to do and sometimes it does not benefit them in spite of all our precautions.

Kids can not behave like elders having a maturity in thoughts. Parents owe the responsibility of directing a child to the right track. Painting by numbers can be a good option to promote a healthy activity among the kids. It will help in positive consumption of time and energy and prosperous results on mind and manners.

Painting by number kit is a blessing in this lock down when everyone is confined to their places and seems like the clock has stopped working. Except from reading, eating, sleeping and awakening the monotony of life can be broken by indulging in some interesting art. And painting by numbers can be the best bet for the time.

Painting by Numbers is different from typical coloring on tracing books but quite alike at the same time. So, the kids don’t get afraid of the newness of work and won’t get bored of the overused coloring and drawing.

coloring and drawing

We have picked Top Five Paint by Number Kits for Kids to engage them in Quarantine.

Let’s start from the first one.

1. Spider Man in the City

Superheroes are always a charm for the kids. They always try to copy them, wear their costumes and act like them is a delight for them. They always make drawings of these super heroes. We are sure that they would love to paint them through the Paint by Number kit.

This Spider man in The City painting is well crafted on the canvas, working on little details of this creature, the back far looking back ground and flying Spider Man would be a tidbit for the kids.

This painting canvas comes with an instructional manual to help you perceive the directions to stay on track.

Buy this enthralling Spider Man Kit for just $20 and make good out of it.

 What comes in the Package?

  • A good quality canvas with pre-set codes and numbers
  • Acrylic paint set of 24 colors in accordance with the theme
  • Paint brushes, set of 3; small. Medium, large
  • Hanging kit along with screws and hooks
  • U can order a wooden frame separately

2. Frozen Paint By Number Kit

Frozen Paint By Number Kit

This second paint by number kit is selected for the reason that frozen is a talk up of the days for little girls. They are so fascinated by the beauty and stories of Elsa and Anna that nothing can stop them from enjoying a canvas printed with this character.

This paint by number canvas of Elsa depicting the beauty of princess and the aura is so beautifully portrayed that it would turn out to be a masterpiece when the kids would end up. The intricate details of her dress and the shimmery effects spreading all over the image would be a fascination.

Instruction and primary tools are given along with the canvas.

 You can buy this beauty for your beauty in $21.99 and see the shinning smile on her darling face.

What Comes in the Package?

  • A smooth velvety canvas with high quality printed image
  • Set of non-toxic painting pots with labels
  • Paint brushes with soft bristles
  • Referential sheet
  • Wooden frame (if ordered)

3. Dinosaur and Dragon Paintings by Numbers

Dinosaur and Dragon Paintings by Numbers

This third paint by number kit is for those kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs and dragons. The parents who want to compliment their interest provide them all sorts of toys and cartoons to relish their taste.  It is said that kids having more interest in dinos, turn more heads around the world chronology.

We also appreciate the choice of your kids. That’s why we have accompanied the article with this Dinosaur and Dragon painting by Number kit so that your kids would feel immense pleasure in making this unique piece of art putting their true love in it.

Various races of dinos and dragons are gathered in one picture along with red and orange sky and pink flowers are skillfully printed on canvas.

You can buy this colorful paint by number kit at the price of $22.95 to surprise your kids.

What is included in the kit?

  • A high quality linen canvas with pre-printed codes and numbers to create the image
  • Corresponding colors in the set of 24.
  • 3 paint brushes of small, medium and large size
  • One hanging kit with screws and non-trackable hooks
  • You can have a wooden frame on demand

4. Cute Leopard – Paint By Numbers Kit

Cute Leopard - Paint By Numbers Kit

Your little ones having an artistic cling can practice on this fourth paint by number kit to start up their painting hike. This is a simple painting of a cute leopard for cute kids as a first experiment. Let them try this new technique that will help them in learning how to deal with the complicated paintings.

The solid color of red in the background and more than half portion covered with the face of leopard is not a difficult option to pick for little ones.

You can buy this simple but attractive paint by number kit of cute leopard for $27.99.

What is included in the package?

  • A printed canvas of different sizes
  • 24 acrylic paints, depends on the painting
  • Brush set of 3
  • Hanging kit
  • Wooden frame (optional)

5. Amazing Painting Of Sea Life

This is the last pick of the Top 5 paint by number kits for kids to engage them in quarantine. Sea-life and fish are beautiful phenomena of nature and attract every one’s attention. It would be the best option to introduce your kids with water and its creatures.

A large variety of fish is printed on the canvas with bright colors and blue hues of sea water giving it a realistic look. It will trigger the curiosity in kids to learn more about this field of science. It is printed on a large canvas. So a kid with siblings can paint it and enjoy the quality time.

Buy this beautiful sea life paint by number kit for 19.95 and hang it on the wall to appreciate your kids’ effort.

What is included in the package?

  • A linen canvas in various sizes
  • Acrylic paints of corresponding colors
  • Set of 3 paint brushes
  • One hanging kit
  • Wooden frame(if ordered)


Hopefully this article helped you in deciding how you can engage your kid with paint by number kits. When you achieve the target you can complement their effort by making a wall gallery of these painting kits to appreciate them and promote their abilities to flourish more. No one knows a little push will help to spring a Van Gogh of recent times.

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