How to Fake GPS Location on your Phone

Are you looking for an app that can help you to change google location changer on iPhone or on android mobile devices? Then you come on to the right place, here in this article you find out simple and easy methods to fake GPS location on iphone, are booming these days and are making our lives significantly easier.

For instance: if someone else has hacked into my GPS signal then they could send an email from me when I’m actually miles away at work! Someone might just want access through Wi-Fi which requires signing up with fake information like home address etc., wouldn’t be able to tell until after it’s too late.

There are actually legitimate reasons to change GPS location on my phone with fake ones. The first reason you might consider this odd behavior would be because most people usually rely on their device’s built-in Maps application. When they need to help getting around town or checking what time it will rain next week; however, there may come times when these apps lack detailed enough information about certain areas which then forces users into using third-party alternatives instead.

Part 2: Change GPS location on iPhone using a PC program

You will find much software with the help of which you can change GPS location on iphone online . But the software I am going to tell you about is called “Virtual location“. With the help of this software, you can do fake GPS location on iphone easily and securely

Step 01: First, you need to download Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). Then install and launch the program from your computer.

program from your computer

Step 02: In the second step, you just click on the “Virtual Location” option from the toolkit home screen. And have your iPhone connected to a computer. Click “Get Started”.

Get Started

Step 03: When you click on “Get Started” the new window provides a map and location of where you currently stand. If the coordinates are not accurate, click on ‘Center On’ in order to display them accurately!

them accurately

Step 04: If you want to go somewhere in a hurry, activate “teleport mode” by clicking on the corresponding icon (the 3rd one) at the top right. Next, enter your desired location and press Go! Let’s take Rome as an example; just input this into the teleport field then click ok -Voila!.


Step 05: The system now understands your desired destination is the city of Rome. Click “Move Here” in this popup window to make it happen!

Step 06: You’ve been moved to Rome now. Whether you click on “Center On” or locate yourself in iDevice’s map, it is fixed as being at a specific location: Italy’s capital city of Roma

and your app will automatically update its information accordingly

them accurately

Step 07: Now you do it easily, and this is your new spot where GPS location on your smart iPhone.

Part 3:  Change GPS location on Android

It’s no surprise that there are many apps on Google Play with “fake GPS or Fake Location” This is an app that can be free to use some require your phone to be rooted in order for them to work.

Step 01: First of all you can download this “Fake GPS Location” software from the Google play service and install it on your smart android device.

Step 02: The app will prompt you for permission to use your location. After installing, open the App Store on a device with internet access and tap “Install,” then accept when prompted or manually inputting yes in order to continue downloading.

Step 03: You can use FakeGPS to test your app before publishing. This will allow you the chance of finding any bugs or issues with location accuracy, which could save time down the line if they are corrected in a later version!

You might also want to take this opportunity by opening Developer Settings and selecting “Mock Location App” from within that menu – this will open up another window where we should select our desired mock GPS application (in my case it’s fake Gps free).

fake Gps fre

Step 04: You can find your way to any destination by following these steps. First, go back to the app where you were before and search for a location on their map if it’s not already open. Now that we have found our desired place just tap-and-hold over an area of interest or drag across different roads until they light up with color then release when done selecting all markers at once!

Step 05: The play button on the bottom corner of your map will enable a fake GPS setting. This is useful for those times when you want to test out different routes and see how they compare with one another without actually using Google Maps’ real-time navigation system, which can sometimes take ages.

Final Words

So you’ve read the posts and feel like you have a good handle on how to fake your GPS location wherever you are? Great! You should have no problem getting started with these programs. In this blog post, we’ve shown you how to fake GPS locations on your iPhone using a few different methods. You can use an app or PC program, and if that doesn’t work for you, the third option is to change it manually through your device’s settings.

Finally, I would suggest you change the location by installing Dr.Fone-virtual location toolkit on your computer, because I personally use this software, and this toolkit is the best in terms of its function.

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