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How to Find Best Weed in Canada?

It’s been a little over two years since the legalization of recreational use of marijuana, but the laws surrounding it are in a constant dynamic state. Different provinces across the state regulate designated areas for pot use, the minimum required age to possess weed and the location of weed stores.

One constant, however, has been regardless of your site in Canada, you can carry, share or possess a maximum of thirty milligrams of cannabis. With the limit imposed on the quantity one can have at a time, users wouldn’t want to be ripped off and acquire some low-grade marijuana that wouldn’t bring out the desired effect. Buying from reputable vendors like Just Cannabis Weed Dispensary is encouraged to enjoy value for your money.

 Here are important tips on how to find the best weed.

1.  Sativa, Indica, Hybrid

The main species of cannabis in circulation are either Sativa, Indica, or a mixture of both (hybrid). The three produce different kinds of effects to suit one’s needs. Sativa has a stimulating effect, causing the user to be hyperactive, more social, and outgoing. Indica, on the other hand, produces a relaxing and chilling effect on the user; hence its nickname “ in da couch. “ Hybrids have a combination of the two impacts since the species are evenly divided.

2.  The Shelf System

It’s highly unlikely employees in a legalized cannabis dispensary will rip you off but at the end of the day. Understanding the shelf system allows you to choose your ideal products. This system categorizes pot into three different classes:

●    Top Shelf

Top shelf cannabis contains the cream of the crop. The products have the highest quality and high THC concentrations with a mixture of different cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components of marijuana, producing a complete, well-rounded effect for an enjoyable high.

Other flowers dominant with THC and lacking enough quantity of other compounds only produce a one-dimensional and short-lived experience.

●    Middle Shelf

Here the mixture is also exceptional and would typically get the job done if you don’t have a high THC tolerance. It’s an affordable and suitable substitute to a top-shelf stash as it proves to be a bit overpriced for most consumers.

●    Low Shelf

Cannabis degrades over time, and the terpenes in them are constantly evaporating. This shelf contains such cannabis. Low quality with low contents of THC and cannabinoids that consumer testifies that the effects are either short-lived or not felt at all. However, newbies should start here as they work their way up.

3.  Stems and Seeds

In an ideal situation, cannabis content would purely be potent buds in your stash and nothing more. However, some unreliable vendors can compromise the quality by including too many stems and seeds. The stems are useless and do little in producing an effect, while the seeds are worse in that they explode when they are lit.

Remember, the quantity of weed one can possess at a particular time is only 30 milligrams. Imagine having half the weight being stems and seeds? Inspection of the stash before purchasing is important to ensure you’re getting quality products offering value for your money.

4.  Smell

Great cannabis is a product of superior genetics, excellent cultivation practices, and a slow-and-steady curing process. The result is a weed with a pleasant aroma distinct to one’s nose and unmistakable. Cannabis with this distinct marijuana musk is indicative of freshness. Low quality and degraded marijuana has little or no fragrance in it or can take up various strange smells that are not characteristic of the pot.

5.  Freshness

If you can’t smell the cannabis before purchase either because it comes in an already packed container or you are a newbie and don’t have an idea of the cannabis smell, you can always check on the freshness of the package. No storage method can completely prevent weed from degrading and terpenes evaporating. Always check the harvest date on the box to make sure it is recently harvested.

6.  Certification Analysis

 It’s a requirement for every cannabis dispensary to display the ”Cannsell” logo in Canada. This shows the stores have been vetted and passed the quality assessment test hence permitted to sell cannabis. Furthermore, consumers can request a third-party testing analysis on the commodity. The third testing analysis is carried out by independent organizations that determine the quality of the products is up to standard.


Getting premium cannabis products entails observing strict quality measures from cultivation to processing. The challenge is that weed delivery available in the market is not equal. So, unless you are an experienced user, it’s easy to get tricked into buying low-quality weed. Always do your research to ensure you’re buying from a reputable seller and use the tips in this guide to find the best weed in Canada. You can click here to shop weed dispensaries and weed delivery in London, Ontario.

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