How to Find the Right Custom Medical Cable Manufacturer

First off, why are custom medical cables special? Well, medical cables experience unique strains and stresses that ordinary cables won’t have. Stresses include long-term use, regular sanitation with harsh chemicals, and repeated flexing of the wires.

These factors boil down to one thing – if you don’t choose the right manufacturer, then your cables can break and endanger the lives of your patients.

Questions to Ask

Start your search for a cable manufacturer by asking several simple questions. First, ask them how long they’ve been in the business. If they haven’t been in the business long, this may not be a deal-breaker. If the manufacturer’s medical cable assembly, quality controls, and distribution pipelines are right, they might be worth a shot.

Still, working with a new manufacturer can become a problem as they grow and adjust to the field, so proceed with caution.

Next, come prepared with questions specific to your requirements. Before searching for cables, use these prompts to create your questions.

How Often Do You Sterilize, and With What?

Sterilization is central to medical fields, so consider this first. A surgeon’s needs will differ from the needs of a dentist, and so on. Do you use low-temp hydrogen peroxide, a steam autoclave, or peracetic acid? Something else?

This should narrow down your selection of jacket materials. For example, if you sanitize with a steam autoclave, only silicone can withstand hundreds of sanitizing cycles, so you’ve narrowed your choices down to one.

Your medical cable manufacturer should also be able to lend you their expertise during the interview process.

Where Will You Use the Cable?

Will you expose your cables be to threats like power tools, high heat, or repeated winding.

These situational factors determine the casing, wire composition, and medical cable connector you choose for your custom medical cables. Ask your new supplier how they protect your investment before making a decision.

Do you only need single-use cables? Ask your supplier if you can recycle their cables or if the cables biodegrade well.

Does Your Custom Medical Cable Need to Resist Stains?

As gruesome as this question is, you need to think about whether your cables will be around blood or other bodily fluids. Only a few medical cable assemblies can resist stains, so this question should narrow your search.

While a stain won’t always affect your cable’s sanitization capabilities, they will likely disturb your patients. In health care, bedside manner is essential, so your cables should be pristine.

The Right Custom Cable Manufacturer Can Make or Break Your Business

Correct display, connecting, and custom medical power cables get your machines functioning the best they can. Furthermore, the wrong cables spread disease, increase the risk of electric shock, and fail without warning.

Always vet your cable manufacturer before moving forward with any deals. You won’t regret it.

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