How to find time for freelancing if you already have a permanent job

Prioritize and automate your routine so you don’t burn yourself out.

  1. Focus on the main source of income, but do not forget about other priorities

Analyze which job brings you the most money. This will help you determine your priorities.

It is wise to focus on a full-time job, as it is usually the one that brings the biggest earnings and offers certain privileges. This way you will be even able to make some savings. However, remember that freelancing is also important. You expand your customer base, and each of your current customers can become your future employer.

  1. Find additional work in the same field as the permanent one

This will help you develop the skills necessary for a permanent job and hone your skills. For example, if you work as a videographer in an agency, you can shoot videos for your clients in your free time. If you are a graphic designer, you can design a website layout for a small company.

On the other hand, if in the future you want to learn another profession and change your place of work, you can use freelancing as an opportunity to try yourself in a new field and get the necessary experience.

  1. Do freelance orders in the morning

Many people work in the evenings or on weekends. Some people get up early and deal with orders in the morning, before going to the main job.

This approach has certain advantages. The thought of having extra work waiting for you at home will not weigh you down during the day. In addition, working on freelance orders in the morning warms up your brain, which allows you to work more productively in the future.

If you can’t be called an early riser, try another way to organize your workday. Set aside a certain amount of time for additional work and do not forget about the weekend. Otherwise, you will simply burn out. For example, do freelance work for two hours after work or before going to bed. Choose any convenient option. The main thing is that you can always stick to it.

 This approach can be also used by students who try to manage the study along with freelancing. Along with this approach, students will also benefit from essay writing help.

  1. Save time by automating repetitive tasks

If you dream of giving up full-time office work forever and devoting all your time to freelancing, you need to learn how to get the most out of every minute of your work.

To make it easier and faster to cope with simple monotonous tasks, there are many different tools. For example, you can use online services like IFTTT. It is an Automator that simplifies working with various applications by building a certain relationship between them (the if this then that principle).

It seems that these are all small things, but the minutes saved add up. If you spend 10 minutes a week to add new contacts to the database, 20 minutes to create invoices and sort documents, then you can eventually carve out half an hour for rest or additional work.

  1. Don’t burn yourself out

With full-time employment, you have weekends and vacations. With freelancing, the situation is more complicated. You just have an order and a certain deadline for its implementation, no one will allocate your time to rest. That’s your concern.

If you are planning a large trip, at least a month before departure, warn your customers that you will not be available for some time. Finish all the work before the trip, so that nothing distracts you.

Get some rest. If you work without interruptions, then, without noticing it, you will lead yourself to physical and emotional exhaustion. Get creative or just spend your free time with pleasure. Even if you just read a good book, it will already charge you with positive emotions that will affect your productivity in the future.

It is quite difficult to keep up with everything at once, but if you use these tips, it will be easier to find a balance between full-time work, freelancing, and leisure.

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