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How to Get More Google Reviews Fast to Attract More Patients

Google has made marketing of your services easy by enlisting the name of services for Google review process. In today’s digital marketing era, this review on Google has added a new dimension to various businesses and professionals. If Google review is appropriately done keeping the digital marketing tools like SEO, SOO, etc. in place, then it would help to grow your business by boosting the credentials of your business spending any money.

The service enlisted for Google review is done taking the Google ranking for local SEO, leveling the playing field, increasing your online reputation. This Google review has been proved to be the lifeline for various businesses that have reached the peak.

Google review is actually an evaluation of publication or services and an application. The medical or health sector is not an exception. If you are doctors, then you too can boost your business with the Google review considering the Google ranking. There are various reasons why you should take the help of Google review, but the most important reason among all is the considerable outreach of Google.

Generating a Google review:

 Let’s understand how Google review works.

In today’s digital marketing era, there are a few top review sites but none as big or vast as Google that is undoubtedly the biggest search engine in the world. Thus you must target Google to fetch your reviews at the top of your list. The Goggle reviews are exceptionally significant both in terms of higher click and rankings.

The Google search results would reflect ads at the top (research shows only 15% of people click on the ads, and the rest (85%) skip them), and right below the ads are the maps section (the box).

Suppose there is one ad within the maps section, and then the top 3 listings. These listings get over 70% of the clicks and calls, taking the rankings to double or triple the calls/inquiries to your business for multiple procedures.

Ways to get the Google review:

You may be an outstanding physician or a specialist, but it’s of no use unless more and more people know you. In an era of digital and social media, a Google review plays an immense role in this regard. Ensure you do these things:

Prepare a database of your patients. 

 Employ a person who would work as a social media manager or digital marketing executive.

Tell your patients to leave a proper review if satisfied with your treatment. Most of them would do it happily.

The most important thing, ensure you reply to every review as only then it would reach Google ranking.

Post your views, reactions or share research, etc. from time to time. This would also churn the Google ranking.

Increase your Google rating:

Analyze why your ratings are low – Ensure you get good reviews on Google. However, you must analyze why the ratings go down.

Respond to customer reviews regularly – You should regularly reply to questions and reactions of your patients.

Respond to your reviews on Google – Similarly, you should always reply to reviews on Google. This would enable others apart from your patients to stay connected with the reviews.

Generate more reviews – To stay connected with your patients in a better way, you would have to generate new and interesting reviews.

Directly ask the clients for a Google review

Ask all your patients who have received successful results to provide reviews. They can write it.

Follow up-emails can get you more reviews

 Always send follow-up emails to your customers after accomplishing their projects. Mention to avail google reviews from them. Be personal in your approach. Thank your patients and let them know that you genuinely appreciate their feedback. Also, inform them about the importance of the input.

Review Generation Tools can be of great help

If you wish to perfectly streamline the review process, install review generating tools. You can try tools like that of Review Buzz.

Adding Review links to the websites 

You can generate a custom review link by adding a review link for getting more Google Reviews to attract more patients. Try Broadly, Nearby Now, PulseM,, BirdEye, NiceJob, Customer Lobby, Review Buzz, Podium, ReviewTrackers, and TrustPilot.

Prefer a Leave-Behind

A leave-behind is much like a Google Review Card that you can leave at your patient’s property. The leave-behind can contain guidance on care, maintenance tips, contact details, and phone numbers, Google review cards, business cards, etc. Provide proper instructions on the ways to use a review card. You can consider trying the digital version for creating an elegant brochure.

Never miss following up the review requests

You may think that a particular patient may not give a review in the future if he or she missed it before. There can be many reasons for missing a review like forgetfulness, or lack of time. Generate a couple of follow-up templates adding to your first request of review. Never go beyond three in case of review requests. You have to keep in mind that few clients don’t prefer leaving a review at all. But, keep following up to keep your company remembered by the customers.

You can add pop-ups and calls-to-action 

Usually, people tend to delay actions; they procrastinate. The pop-ups of your site will help them remember about Google reviews.

Accept good as well bad reviews

You may sometimes get bad reviews from the patients. You can never satisfy everybody 100%. Again, few people are never happy no matter how hard you work for them. Remember, a person may turn a one-star review into a five-star considering your behavior and consistency.

Excellent customer service is mandatory

Great customer service for each client helps you to get more Google reviews fast. If a client/patient is absolutely happy with your service or product along with the experience gathered, he or she will feel the compulsion to leave a review.

Keep responding to your reviewers

Responding to the online reviews, be it positive or negative, by saying a ‘thank you’ works wonder. Now, if you receive a bad review, address the problem, be apologetic, try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Google always acknowledges those companies that respond to Google reviews on time.

Can a professional digital marketing agency help you in fetching more Google reviews?

Giving responsibility for your business/ clinics/hospital etc. to a renowned and trusted digital marketing agency, you can get optimum positive results. The Hubspot or Microsoft Gold certified firms can assist you in guaranteeing high ROI. Maximum revenue generation along with more Google reviews will achieve positive outcomes due to bespoke Google Ads management, voice SEO, optimization of the app store, and so on.

With high success rates, these digital marketing bureaus offer complete transparency, an end to end customer support for 24 hours, and tailor-made strategies depending on the unique requirements of the company. You can be sure about the ongoing approaches through continuous interaction with the service providers who are always eager to help you in achieving your targeted Google reviews.

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