How to Get Organized at Work When Overwhelmed: A Guide

We all get overwhelmed at work from time to time. It can make it hard to be productive and get things done on time. This can make you even more overwhelmed!

You have to nip the problem in the bud before you reach that point. Even if you’re overwhelmed on the inside, controlling your space and workflow can help get rid of a few stressors and help to keep you on task.

But do you know how to get organized at work when overwhelmed? It’s no easy task and it will take a bit of practice, but once you get some strategies down you’ll know what works for you.

Keep reading for a few of our favorite organization tips and tricks to help you out.

Block Out Your Time

The first thing that we have to organize is our brain. When your thoughts are swirling around up there you have to find a way to keep everything in order. How do you do that?

If your workday isn’t already scheduled into time blocks you’re going to want to do it yourself. People thrive with structure and even if it’s temporary it gives you some control over your day. It also provides a visual reminder of your organization.

Write things down in time blocks broken down by the hour. This might seem excessive, but it’s a great way to calm yourself down and give yourself a clear idea of how to manage your time.

Keep Important Things Close

When you’re already feeling overwhelmed you don’t want to have to search for the things that you need to do your job efficiently. If they’re not already, bring everything that you’re going to need down to your level. You want them at arm’s reach.

This also stops you from having to get up and walk across the office. It’s easy to lose focus when we’re overwhelmed and the brain is looking for an out. This keeps you on task.

Take a Break

If you’re so overwhelmed that you’re not doing your job it’s okay to take an intentional break. It doesn’t have to be long enough to ruin your workflow. Take 5 minutes to yourself to refocus and give your mind some rest.

This might seem counterproductive, but if you’re not getting work done anyway this can help your productivity.

Clean Your Desk Daily

Your clutter isn’t helping you de-stress. Getting organized at work includes keeping your actual space organized.

Putting everything in order before you go home for the day can help you establish a routine (and again, provide structure). It’s also easier and less stressful to work on an organized desk.

If you have an office to yourself that you need to keep organized, consider some of these office organizing tips.

Do You Know How to Get Organized at Work When Overwhelmed?

There’s not a person alive who’s never been stressed out at work. It’s important to know how to get organized at work when overwhelmed so you’re prepared for when it happens to you.

Be gentle with yourself and keep these strategies in mind for your next stressful work week.

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