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How to Hire an Academic Writer That Will Do a Great Job

Hiring an Academic Writer that will do a great job is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before hiring one. This is because there are so many academic writers out there who claim they can write your paper for you, but in reality, cannot deliver what you want. You should be careful when choosing the right writer and make sure he or she has all the skills needed to complete your assignment on time. Here are some tips on how to hire an academic writer that will do a good job:

Read their profile carefully

It’s important to read through each of their profiles thoroughly before making any decisions about them. Make sure you know exactly what writing services they offer, whether they have experience with similar assignments, specialize in certain fields, etc. If possible, ask other students from your school to give you feedback regarding this particular writer. They may also provide valuable information about the quality of their work.

Check references

Before paying anything to anyone, always check their previous clients’ reviews. The best way to find these reviews is by visiting websites such as Google Reviews, Facebook Pages, etc. These sites allow users to post comments and ratings about different businesses. By reading through these reviews, you will get a better idea of the company’s overall reputation. Also, try contacting past customers directly via phone calls or emails. Ask them questions like, “What was the most difficult part of working with us? What did we do well? How long did it take until I received my final product? Did our communication go smoothly throughout the process?”

Look at samples

When looking over their sample papers, pay attention to the formatting style used. Are the sentences properly structured? Is every word spelled correctly? Does everything flow nicely together? In addition, look closely at the grammar mistakes made. A professional writer knows which ones to avoid and which ones to fix.

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Consider payment options

You might wonder why people would charge money just to help someone else finish his or her homework. However, sometimes it happens that even though a person claims to write your essay perfectly, he/she does not possess the necessary knowledge required to accomplish this task. Therefore, it makes sense to pay extra money to ensure that the finished piece meets your expectations. Some companies offer discounts depending on the number of pages written per day. Others offer bonuses for completing urgent orders within deadlines.

Be patient

If you choose to use online platforms to order essays, then you must expect delays. Most of these platforms require several days to receive your completed project. During this period, you should communicate regularly with your writer to keep track of progress. Once you approve the draft, you can send him or her the remaining instructions. Remember, however, that once you start communicating with your writer, you lose control over the entire process. You cannot make changes after sending the paper unless you want to risk receiving unsatisfactory results.

Read all contracts carefully

If you plan to hire a freelance academic writer, make sure you understand how much time you need to spend on editing and proofreading the assignment. This step is very crucial because many writers promise to deliver high-quality content but fail to meet deadlines due to lack of time. Make sure you know exactly what kind of services you are hiring before signing any contract. For example, if you only need one page edited, ask yourself whether you need more than 10 hours’ worth of work done in total.

Keep record

Make sure you save copies of each email correspondence sent during the job. This includes messages exchanged with both parties involved. Also, note down important dates such as when payments were received and when revisions were requested. These details will prove useful later on if you ever face problems with your writer.

Ask questions

It is better to get things right the first time around. So don’t hesitate to ask your writer about anything related to the assignment. The common question that students ask is, “What do I need to include in my research proposal?” Your writer will provide you with detailed information


Hiring a good academic writer may seem like a daunting task. But there are a lot of ways to find reliable professionals who have experience writing assignments similar to yours. What you need to do is follow the tips above, and you’ll soon see the difference between mediocre and excellent service providers. Good luck!

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