Back Flexibility At Home

How To Improve Back Flexibility At Home

Improved back flexibility has many benefits. Not only can it relieve back pain, but it also provides greater mobility.

Performing stretching exercises is much like receiving at-home physical therapy. But are you unsure where to start and what exercises to do? If so, check out the exercise below to learn how to improve back flexibility at home.

Supine Spine Twist

This flexibility exercise is simple, yet effective. It helps to lengthen the back muscles and enhance mobility. To perform this exercise, lie down on a yoga mat with your back on the floor. Put your arms close by your sides to make your body stable.

Pull your knees up to create a right angle with your legs. Slowly put your legs down to one side while keeping your back flat on the floor and your face directed upward.

Lastly, relax your legs on the side before slowly bringing them upward back to the middle and repeating the exercise on the opposite side.

Cat-Cow Pose

This pose is an all-inclusive stretching position that helps to stimulate the spine. It also stretches the muscles of the back, neck, and shoulders. Perform the pose by positioning yourself on your knees below your hips with your hands underneath your shoulders.

In a tabletop position, straighten your back and neck. Gently lower the cow pose and exhale while pushing your stomach down. Next, arch your back by keeping your shoulders and hips in the same form.

Come back up to the tabletop position inhaling and pushing the spine upward. Arch your back into a cat pose. Repeat as many times as needed.

Downward Dog

Downward dog is a well-known yoga position that’s very effective. Start by lying flat on your back with your hands in front of your hips. Straighten out your arms and keep your hips on the ground. Look up and then curve your back.

Keep your hands in the same position while lifting your hips high off of the ground and keeping your legs straight. Next, position yourself on your toes while pushing your palms into the floor. Move your head between your arms while looking towards your feet.

This stretching combination starts off in the cobra position and goes into the downward dog position, creating a nice stretch.

If you feel like your body needs more than a few stretches, click the highlighted link to learn more about in home physical therapy.

How to Improve Back Flexibility at Home

As you can see, there are numerous stretching exercises that you can do to improve your flexibility. As you get older, it’s so easy to become stiff and have trouble with your mobility. But by stretching your muscles regularly, you can drastically improve your ability to move.

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