Content’s Readability

How to Improve Your Content’s Readability

No matter how much effort you have put into designing your website, it wouldn’t help a lot if your content’s readability isn’t up to the mark. Similarly, hiring the best Seo Services in New York may prove to be wasted investment as well. This is why it is important to improve your content’s readability. And this is exactly where this article is going to prove helpful for you?

What is Readability?

Readability of the content means that it is being read by more people and they are getting their objective of reading this content easily. Readability depends on

  • Easy to read
  • Understandable
  • Better SEO
  • Sentence structure
  • Vocabulary used
  • Paragraphs length
  • Grammatical accuracy

Readability is the basic yardstick to check the quality of the text whether you are writing website content or a blog. Focusing on the qualitative measure will improve the readability of your content.  Improving the readability of your content will also enhance the number of visitors on the webpage that will directly affect the SEO and your content will be approachable by more readers.

Importance of Readability

As explained above, readability matters a lot in the rating of the webpage. Better readability will improve the quality of the webpage that gives the following advantages which are very important.

Familiar with the reader’s purpose 

People visit webpages to get an idea of any subject. They are often looking for a solution to their problem or to get relevant information.  Content written for the purpose must contain concise and complete information on the matter. It must be easy to read with an understandable language so the reader may be able to get the benefit of it and successfully obtain their  target.


Better readability will ease the people to get their objective of reading which will improve the number of visitors and ultimately it will boost up SEO. Readability is very important for web traffic on the webpage as well.


Better readability improves the understandability of the readers. A better and qualitative text is easy to understand for each individual, regardless of their educational background. The effectiveness of the contents is measured better if it consumes with better understandability.

3 Ways to Improve Content’s Readability

The readability of the content can be made better with several approaches. Improving the readability doesn’t mean compromising the quality, or diffracting the matter you are writing to attract people. The readability of the content must be increased in line with the improvement of quality, matter amalgamation, and your natural style. The following 3 ways could be more effective for the improvement of the readability of contents.

Use of Easy Vocabulary

One of the ways to improve readability is using easy vocabulary. It enables people with poor literacy in languages to understand the content. Using high standard vocabulary makes the content productive for native people only. Whereas easy words will lead the content to be surfed by the people of the wider area or even the whole world which will be a very productive creation.

In addition to the above, the choice of the words must also be rational towards its size. For Example, if you are using the word “deleterious”, you should replace it with “harmful” as it is rather small and easier work. Such attempts not only create easiness for the reader but also reduce the volume of the text which attracts the reader to read it.

Avoid Boring Impact

The content written must not only contain the matter being explained but with a humorous and entertaining approach. It will not let the reader get bored but he will be able to get his required information in a pleasant mood.

It has been observed that readers do often leave the content after reading a few lines as it is quite boring. The content must be tried to make it interesting with the choice of pleasant words.

A Perfect Grammar

You must make sure the content you have written is grammatically sound. It shouldn’t make complete sense while being appealing to the readers. You can use, an online tool, for this purpose. It is a very helpful tool for content writers to improve the readability of their material.

Other than that, you can also use YOAST readability score to make your content better in terms of quality. Furthermore, this tool also makes content more SEO friendly. This score depends on several factors such as the number of passive voice sentences, long sentences, length of paragraphs, etc. If you’re following the basic grammar rules, your YOAST score will be on the higher side and vice versa.

Hence, using the said ways, you can improve the readability of content. After you have improved the quality and readability of your content, it will help to improve the performance of your local SEO company as well.

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