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How to Install Ceiling LED Light Fixtures on Your Garage in 7 Simple Steps

Installing a lighting fixture in garage is one of the most rewarding electrical improvements and is an excellent way of changing a space quickly. Choose an installation appropriate for the amount of light you need.

Never increase the lighting by installing bulbs with wattage more than the rated light. As for all power upgrades, shut down the power before starting and use a circuit tester to ensure that the power is off.

Installation of LED Light Fixtures on Garage: Step by Step

Step 1: Turn Off the Lights

Be sure to look for your electrical panel and switch off the power to the garage by turning off the circuit. Suppose your panel circuits are not labelled; ensure that you switch off the existing lights in the garage room and turn off the circuit until the correct room lights go off. Switch off the lights wall switches too.

If you are installing the light for the first time rather than replacing it, ensure that you contact an experienced electrician. He will have to find the power source for your new light to attach to.

Step 2: Secure the Screws

It is essential to check your mounting bracket’s stability and your current electrical box to attach your shop fixture. Suppose the screws feel loose, use a screwdriver to tighten them.

Step 3: Connect the Wires

It is necessary to follow your product manufacturer’s detailed instructions to fit the wires of your new garage fixture. Generally, cables of the same colour are connected – such that the black wires are connected, and the white one is connected. The usually green grounding wire attaches to the grounding screws on the grounding bar.

Use your wire stripper to remove the safety coating on the new light fixture’s wires for around one inch. Put the naked part of the attachment wire through the bare part of the corresponding cable. Screw and attach the grounding wire to the wire connectors. Cover the wire caps in masking tape for additional safety.

Step 4: Secure the Base

After you are done with connecting the wires, pack the wires into the electrical box. Ensure that you use the light hardware that is included with the fixture to attach its base to the light’s electrical box.

Step 5: Install a New Fixture

Follow the instructions for the new light fixture closely, whether it’s 8 foot led light fixtures or 4 foot led light fixtures it must has instruction from it’s manufacture. To match the correct wires in the ceiling, connect the wires to the new fitting according to the instructions.

Use a wire nut to bundle the suitable wires together and cover the wire nut with electrical tape. Draw on the ceiling the fitting plate, light bulbs, and light shade in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.

Step 6: Install the Lightbulbs

Use the required wattage when selecting a bulb for your fixture. It is recommended to consider the LED lightbulbs for good efficiency and reduced bills.

Step 7: Switch On the Power

Test to ensure that everything is functioning properly by switching on the power at the circuit board and the light switch.

What kind of lighting do you need?

The very first thing we need to do is figure out what kind of lighting we want on garage. Hot and cold are both needed so a high brightness metal halide will be perfect. If you have a smaller garage then you will probably get away with a single 100W fixture. Remember, always measure the light you need first.

If you are only going to use your garage for storage instead of a work area then you may not even need to use lighting. If you do plan to use the garage for working then you will need to install a lighting fixture that can adequately light an area where you are working.

How do you install, If you are not comfortable to do your-self?

Installing electrical anything as they are called are not fun, even if you have previous experience. If you are not comfortable doing it, then it is worth hiring an electrician to do it.

The electrician will need to be able to access power, run cable to the panel and mount the fixtures. If your panels are in the ceiling then you may want to switch the electricity off at the mains. If the panel is on the wall then you may not need to.

If you choose to hire an electrician to do this then they may first need to access power. This will vary from country to country so it may be worth having fire extinguishers and emergency lighting in case they are working in an area that is not accessible.

This is how it looks when the electrician is connecting the wires. Once he has the connection made he can hide the wires away and use a different color tape.

Once the electrician has completed the wiring, he will need to activate the circuit. This usually requires a test switch or a light.

Once the circuit is activated, the electrician will install the LED light fixtures. In most cases this involves hanging a fixture and attaching the wire to it. In some cases you may need to cut a hole into the ceiling or use a light fixture bracket.

I like to decorate my lighting. This is what it looks like when once it is all finished.


In summary, if you don’t have a ceiling LED light fixture in your garage then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. With such fixtures, you can achieve a modern, lavish and spacious look to your garage with the right combination of factors such as the LED light fixture itself, the ceiling, and the rest of the interior.

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