How to Make a Bokeh Video Effect on Cameras and Smartphones

How to Make a Bokeh Video Effect on Cameras and Smartphones

Bokeh is becoming a popular term in the world of photos and videography. This effect will later give sharpness to photo and video objects while the background is blurry. You can make bokeh photos and videos easily both using and without the application.

Especially in making bokeh concept videos, you can use DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Meanwhile, if you want to produce blur videos practically with a smartphone, just use an additional application.

How to Make a Bokeh Concept Video with DSLR and Mirrorless

In sharpening video objects to make bokeh videos using DSLR and mirrorless, you should understand the basic things that can affect the process well. Some of the basic things that affect making blur videos are shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Shutter speed is the speed at which the camera sensor window opens and closes while aperture is the amount of the lens opening. Meanwhile, ISO is the sensor’s sensitivity to light. If you already understand it, then you just need to learn how to make blur videos via camera.

1. Use a Lens with a Large Aperture

Japanese Video Bokeh Museum To make video blur using a camera, you should take advantage of a camera lens with a large aperture specification. Both DSLR and mirrorless cameras have generally been designed with built-in lenses for their respective purposes.

The standard lens that comes from each of these cameras (kit lens) will have a specific purpose. The average length of the default lens ranges from 18 to 55 mm and the lens aperture is f / 3.5-5.6. In order for the results of your video blur to be maximized, try replacing the default lens with a fix lens.

The aperture of a fix lens is usually around f / 1.8 so that it has a large enough aperture. You can choose a variety of fixed lenses according to price, quality and features offered.

2. Move the Camera Close to the Object

In order to make it easier for you to take blurry videos, it’s a good idea to get the camera closer to the object. This will be very effective for use by DSLR and mirrorless users who still use a built-in lens (kit lens).

Generally, kit lenses have a smaller aperture range. You can get the best lens for Sony a5100 if you want. Of course, this will require a camera approach to the object if you want to get the best blur video results. In addition to setting the aperture, you are also required to set ISO and shutter. Give the shutter the right to start capturing the object.

Then you can focus on the object of the video properly. Later, if you have done these steps, the results of your video will look stunning. Take videos slowly for better focus.

3. Keep Objects Against the Background

In order for the final result of your bokeh concept video to be more optimal, you should not forget to distance objects with the background that you want to blur. This method can be done if you have difficulty bringing the camera closer to the video object. Obviously, if you are still using the kit lens.

Later, the farther your video background is, the more blurry the background will be. The object will be more and more focused this way. It’s just that you have to be a little more patient when applying this one method. Certainly not a problem if you want to get the best end result.

In fact, you can use this alternative when you don’t equip the camera with a fixed lens. Even if you only rely on a kit lens, you can still have the best quality blur video. Try to apply it now.

How to Make a Bokeh Concept Video with a Smartphone

It seems that you can make blurry videos using a smartphone alone. Especially for those of you who want to be creative without the need to have a DSLR or mirrorless camera. The technique is almost the same as making a video blur using a camera. You only need to set the ISO manually.

Also adjust the shutter and ISO parts as needed. Usually smartphones that have this kind of feature are classified as mid-high end. Then, you can move the camera closer to the object or move the background away from the object.

However, there are still other ways you can get blur videos with a smartphone, namely using additional applications. It’s just that you need to be careful in choosing a blur video application that suits your device.

How to Make a Bokeh Concept Video with an Application

To get the best blur video through a smartphone, then you have to choose the right kind of application. Some recommendations for a blur video capture application to choose from include the following.

1. Inshot

The first option to get the best blur video via smartphone is to use the Inshot application. This application, which can be downloaded either via iOS or Google Playstore, can help you easily do blur video editing.

The variety of features provided by Inshot will facilitate all your work optimally. In addition, the final result of your video will look more classy, ​​professional and certainly very satisfying.

2. PicsArt

Although it is more popular as a photo editing application, in fact PicsArt can also help you edit quality blur videos. No half-hearted, the abundant PicsArt features will make the final result of your video more quality, unique and interesting.

Through PicsArt you can also add a variety of artistic effects. The choice of stickers is also abundant, complete with other filters. Interestingly, you are also free to add music effects to video edits such as hip-hop, pop, love, sad, dramatic and so on.

3. Square Blur

Square blur allows you to create incredibly good blur videos. This application also has a very simple interface and of course it is easy to understand even by beginners.

This application’s features are fairly complete and will optimize your blur video creation. The good thing is, you are also allowed to add certain music effects to the video very practically.

4. Camera FX

For smartphone users with light specifications, Camera FX can be of great help in making your blur videos. This application, which can be run via a low-specification smartphone, also provides a variety of optional features.

Includes a feature to slow down the video in certain parts. This application also allows users to provide certain filters, add contrast, color to saturation effects on the video being edited. The end result will definitely not disappoint.

5. Kinemaster

Of course the Kinmaster application is no stranger to video editing lovers. This application can be an alternative to the blur video maker on your smartphone. It’s just that this software has a watermark and some annoying advertisements.

Kinemaster allows you to add music, voice and voice effects. In addition, this application can also have special effects to shape handwriting as desired. Of course, you can also share the edited videos directly to your favorite social media platforms.

Making bokeh videos can be easily done either via DSLR, mirrorless or smartphone cameras. Especially with a smartphone you can do it manually or use additional applications. If using additional applications, make sure your smartphone is compatible.

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