How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is a site where most people can spend hours and hours listening to music, playing video games, watching funny animals videos etc.

After some time you start wondering – how do people make money on YouTube? Can I do it? Yes, you can!

If you’re looking for a good way to pay off your debt which you forgot to safeguard, to finally make the money to get the insurance for your car or you simply enjoy communicating with the rest of the world and introducing them to your lifestyle, YouTube is a place where you can earn the money to help you in achieving your goals!

There are lots of ways to make money on YouTube – and no, you don’t have to have millions of subscribers!

Become a YouTube partner

To get some special features on the site, you should get involved in the YouTube Partner Program.

Becoming a partner is not crucial, but your chances of making money increase if you do. You can, however, just set up an AdSense account.

This way of making money on YouTube includes steps such as starting a YouTube channel which you have to make popular enough to meet the criteria for becoming a YouTube partner and setting up an AdSense account.

When you become a partner, you can earn directly from YouTube.

Sell your merchandise

Making your merchandise and selling it via YouTube is a perfect way for all the creative people out there.

If you have an idea or a design for your product – don’t wait anymore. Start looking for a manufacturer to help you expand your brand!

Create a website, but also use YouTube’s shelf feature to sell your merchandise! Finally, let the people know your product – promote it in your videos.

#sponcon strategy

This is a strategy for making money by creating sponsored content.

In other words, you communicate directly with the brand and make a deal about your earnings, without having to give a part of it to YouTube.

Keep up with Google’s Ad policies – be transparent.

Communicate with your fans all the time

By using Super Chat on YouTube, you can live stream while your fans leave their comments and show their support.

If your fans become channel members by paying a certain amount, they get access to some features, such as Live chat or some other member-only exclusives. Promote yourself!

For indirect profit, find as many subscribers as you can. This way, by watching your channel, you get a cut of your fan’s subscription fee!


A more and more common way of making money on YouTube is crowdfunding. Set a crowdfunding account and promote it in your videos – tell your story and explain the details so the fans become familiar with your goals and expectations.

This is a simple way of creating an online account where everything will be transparent and there will be no hidden actions as we witness in ‘’real-life’’ banks  – your fans will know exactly what they are paying for.

Licence your content

If you’ve made a video which went viral, everybody is going to want to show it to their audience. Luckily, to do that they have to pay!

Make sure you licence your work – this way you’ll potentially make big earnings through YouTube.

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