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How To Make Your Coffee At Home Better Than The One From The Coffee Shop

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks all over the globe. Many people can’t start their day without drinking their favorite cup of joe first! It is known for its numerous benefits that include boosting energy levels, improving your mood, burning fats, providing your body with essential nutrients, and is a source of antioxidants. However, you need to drink it in moderation so it doesn’t backfire. There are many types of coffee and different ways of making it. Most of us are aware that buying a cup of our favorite drink every day can be costly, especially if it’s from an expensive café. If you want to save money and still enjoy this drink, read on as we will help you learn how to make your coffee at home better than the one from the coffee shop.

Know Your Favorite Coffee Bean

The first step is to find out the coffee bean used in the drink that you frequently buy. You need to know its origin because the region it grows in affects its strength, acidity, and flavor. South American coffee beans are medium roast and less acidic, while African coffee beans tend to be dark and acidic. If you fail to know where the beans from your favorite drink come from, just use Guatemalan beans that grow in Central America, as these have a balanced flavor and are medium roast, which you would enjoy.

Use Whole Beans

To have a fresh and strong flavor, you should buy whole coffee beans! A grinder is necessary for this as you will grind the beans yourself at home. If you are unsure on which grinder to use, the practical tips at Brew Coffee At Home can guide you to make brewing as easy as possible. Nothing beats the flavor of freshly ground and brewed coffee. Once you get familiar with it, doing it yourself will save you time, and you can grind smaller amounts for a fresher taste.

Get a Scale

The ready-made drinks sold at your local cafés are measured with a scale. You won’t believe it but the accuracy of measurement affects the taste of coffee! Once you start using a scale to measure the amount that should go into your cup, you will never go back to using the spoon ever again. Professional baristas recommend measuring 90g of whole beans then grinding them, and finally brewing them in the automatic drip coffeemaker, which makes about six cups of coffee.

Do Not Use Tap Water

To make the perfect cup of joe, always use filtered water. People who enjoy coffee can determine the slightest difference in taste when ingredients are changed. Tap water can change the taste, however, filtered water will give you the same taste you get when buying from famous cafés. You can use a jug or bottle for storing filtered water in your fridge to avoid having to filter water every time you go to make your favorite drink.

Storing and Cleaning

Storing your beans in a ceramic container is always better. Moreover, the darker the color of the container, the better, as it blocks and prevents the light from getting into it. Glass containers also keep the beans fresh for longer. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t store them in a freezer, so it doesn’t catch moisture and change its taste. Clean the coffee maker every day to avoid the accumulation of residuals, as well as change the taste significantly. Moreover, if you don’t clean the machine after each use, the coffee might taste like burnt beans.

Steam Milk and Add Spices

If you enjoy your cup of joe with milk, get a milk frother to steam it as professionals do. Many people enjoy adding flavors as well, and if you are one of those people, you can add syrups, ground chocolate cubes, cinnamon, cardamom if you like Turkish coffee or nutmeg. Some many spices and flavors go with this drink. Find your favorite or try out different flavors.

Don’t settle for a less perfect drink to start or end your day with. You can easily get the same quality and taste you get when buying from your favorite café, all you have to do is find the right coffee bean for you, use freshly ground beans, measure the right amount using a scale, and use filtered water to make your favorite drink. Storing your coffee in dark glass or ceramic containers also helps, as well as cleaning your coffeemaker daily, steaming the milk, and adding your desired spices. Life is much better with coffee, and soon after following the tips above, you will become a professional barista!

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