How to permanently treat bad odor from your rugs at home

Treating smelly rugs is not difficult. Smelly rugs can have a very strange smell. There can be many different reasons that can leave a bad smell on the rugs. It is important to get rid of this smell the very first time you notice it.

The process to treat smell is tricky yet easy. You can follow different techniques to carry out this task. In most cases, using rough chemicals and reagents may never be advisable. Use something that is mild and protects the rug.

If you are used to the internet, then you can search for the best smelly rug cleaning services and techniques. Expert rug cleaners always guarantee the methods they use.

Treating surface odors

In general, surface odors are very common with all types of rugs. If dust and debris get accumulated, then over some time it forms a bad odor. Baking soda solution is one effective way to treat rugs for surface odor.

Baking soda helps in removing stains and bad odor from the top surface of the rugs. The moment you are performing this task, avoid leaving the mix on the rug for a longer time. Once dried, you can vacuum the rug or even broom it.

Few drops of lemon juice mixed with baking soda will prove more beneficial for all types of rugs. The task may have to be repeated a few times every week.

Deep-seated odor

Pet urine and other types of odors are usually deep-seated. You should use Iso-Propyl alcohol to treat these types of odor. The solution should only be applied to the affected area on the rug. Iso-Propyl is a strong reagent and so you should not use it for performing regular rug cleaning tasks.

The solution can be applied and left for around ten to fifteen minutes on the rug. You also have to allow the solution to dry out naturally. When using this technique it is advisable to avoid using the heat treatment process.

Mildew and mold odors

Molds and mildew may result in the accumulation of a specific odor that is not bearable. One of the most effective and natural methods is to prepare a mix of vinegar and baking soda. When mixed in water it forms a strong cleansing agent.

You can sprinkle the mix over the affected area only. Baking soda is harsh and so ensure you wear protective gear when using this treatment. Try and leave the solution over the rug for a few minutes before vacuuming.

Natural chemical cleansers

When searching you may also come across commercial grade cleansers in the market. They are effective but may be expensive options. Experts only make use of commercial grade cleansers to remove bad odor from the rugs.

Regular cleaning of the rug is more effective to treat all types of bad odor. If you are used to vacuuming rugs every day you may not have to worry about a bad smell.

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