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How to Polish Your Text to Perfection with Tense Detector

Verb tenses

Verb tense is citing of an action takes place in a sentence, whether it happened in past, is happing in the present, or will happen in future. Ultimately verbs take a past, present or future tense. It mean that the meaning of verb can be change through add an ending, change spelling little bit etc. The present tense is use to narrate something that is currently happening, or things that are incessant running. The future tense narrates the things that have yet to happen (e.g. later, tomorrow, next week, next year and constant so on). The past tense narrates the things which already happened. You can use a tense detector to detect your verb tense mistakes.


  • Present tense = “I visit the zoo.” “Visit” is the present tense verb.
  • Past tense = “I visited the zoo.” “Visited” is the past tense verb.
  • Future tense = “I shall visit the zoo.” “Shall Visit” is the future tense verb.

Few grammar rules to polish your tense writing

A lot of grammar rules are present for polishing your verb tenses; we will tell you the most important 3 rules for polish verb tenses. These rules will definitely help you to write very clear sentences.  

Use appropriate verb tenses in writing

First of all you should choose the right verb tenses. Every sentence we write in different situation; such as some we have to write in present tense, some in past tense and some in future tense. Make your sentence clear while mixing different tenses in one sentence. For example: if you are describing past and present tense in one sentence, then don’t lose your sentence clarity.

Less use of passive voice in your tenses

As much as possible use active voice tenses, as compare to passive voice. passive voice tenses are little bit confusing tenses, because the subject isn’t use appropriately in sentence and passive voice sentences emphasize the object. Use active voice verb tenses for writing your content, your reader will also understand it very soon. Your tense will also look clear and neat.

Highlight the verb in sentence for proofreading

When you have write your content then read your content again and highlight the verb in your content and see that you are using the right verb in your text or not. Because if you use the wrong verb in tense, in case of this your sentence will give a different meaning and it can spoil your text. And you can’t convey your thoughts to readers because what you want to express is not present in your text because of your wrong form of verb selection.

Use an online tool to tackle grammar tenses errors 

The use of verb is the most confusing part of English Grammar. And by this verb tense mistake your all text can totally ruin. For this kind of verb tense mistakes you can use an online tense detector tool. It will solve your all problems of using verb tenses. It will polish your content and make it very impactful. It will spotlight your errors present in your content and suggest you the correct verb. It can be really helpful for detecting the verb tense errors, proofreading is primitive method, and also time consuming task. And sometimes we can’t find mistakes despite proofreading. In this situation tense detector can be a great helper for us to fix verb tense errors and make your content error free.

Advantages of tense detector

Three tenses we use in our daily speech and writing. The functions of tense detector which use to detect different errors and it will polish your sentence. The following functions perform the tense detector to polish your text;

  • Place verb correctly
  • Maintain the tense Consistency
  • Appropriate verb shifts
  • You can check any type of text
  • Very fast online tool & great proofreader

Additional benefits of tense detector

This tense detector is not only used for verb tense checking, it can be also helpful for various grammar problems detecting for example; for checking run-on sentences, spelling mistakes, sentence fragments, punctuation errors etc. it will also give right suggestions for all these errors. A tense detector is only a tool for polishing your text perfectly.

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