How to Rank on Google’s First Page for Your First Keyword

Every business wants to rank on Google for as many keywords as possible. After all, ranking many pages high on Google Search Engine Result Pages remains the best way to get lots of organic traffic to your website. However, ranking many pages that focus on different keywords is difficult because your focus will be split between them. Instead, we will focus on ranking for one keyword so you can replicate the process with the rest of your keywords.

Take Care of the Basics

This step is not really about ranking but laying the groundwork to help you rank highly. This step entails creating a strong website that follows the best SEO practices and having an audience to share your content with for that initial traffic bump. Do not worry if you do not have an audience yet; you will grow this one once your website and its pages start to rank.

Do Thorough Keyword Research

Keyword research is a critical part of getting a keyword to rank. It is best to let go of what you think you know about a keyword and instead use research and data to understand it and ensure it is one you want to fight other websites to rank for.

Do thorough keyword research to understand search volumes, ranking difficulty, competitive and alternative keywords with good traffic you can leverage and target, how strong the websites ranking for it are, and relevancy.

Remember not to go too broad or too narrow with your research, as both options will lead to poor results or waste a lot of time. If you do not know how to do keyword research, it is best to hire a Bristol SEO agency so they can do it for you.

Research Your Competitors

At this point, you know you have a viable keyword, and the SEO agency Bristol you are working with has provided you with additional keywords to use alongside your primary ones. It is now time to check out your competition.

You want to know their domain names, how they use the keyword in their titles, the types of content they rank for, how authoritative their websites are, and any content gaps that exist. When doing this, you are looking for ways to differentiate yourself or find content they have yet to cover that will interest your audience.

As with keyword research, you can hire an SEO company to do your competitor research. They will likely be more thorough than you because they already have vast research experience.

Create a Content Plan

Now it is time to create the content. Different types of content will help you rank for a keyword, the most common options being articles, blog posts, authoritative guides, videos and infographics. You can create the content yourself or outsource it through an SEO company Bristol that also provides content marketing services.

Researching and creating content visitors and search engines will love is critical to ranking for a keyword. Taking your time with the research will help you unearth keywords, gaps and opportunities you can leverage to rank highly, and creating great content will help you grow an audience that will be happy to consume your content whenever you publish it.

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