How to sell your services online

How to sell your services online – The 4 stages of conversion

How can I make more money online by promoting services? I understand exactly how to build an effective service business. The major service we provide is web design. The lifeblood of any service business should always be generating qualified leads and turning those prospects into paid customers. When I was starting out I did not have any knowledge of how to generate quality leads from my web pages which meant I was forced to concentrate on the cost of the product.

Step 1 in How to Sell Your Services Online – Drive Traffic to Your Website

The first thing you need to do is to increase your site visitors. Let me tell you two ways of getting a customer to visit your site: paid and free of charge.

Paid traffic

The internet is simply a marketing platform. When I was married I asked a few people how often they clicked on the google ads. I was surprised. Google’s revenue is around 80 billion yearly with 77% generated through its AdWord platform. Paid ads work and people do not fear clicking them.

Free traffic or organic traffic

Free traffic may sound like an understatement. You can pay by cash or you can pay by time. Creating free traffic might not be cheap and it takes more than a few minutes. However, it’s worth the effort. So, list the ways that you can attract visitors to your website and try them, one by one.

Step 2 in How to Sell Your Services Online – Cultivate Your Prospects

Once a prospective client is visiting your website, they are automatically considered prospects. How can one make their online businesses successful? We haven’t made any sales yet! But you are getting there. The first thing you need to do is to identify the visitors to the site and their requirements. Understand them and then make your sales speech.

Reach Them Through Primary and Secondary Offers

Your main offer is to target people who are ready and willing to buy immediately. Remember that your offering isn’t supposed to make money immediately.

That is a step. Perhaps this is a free consultation and a free audit. Invest if you can, but you don’t have to commit to anything significant or expensive. Your secondary product is designed to satisfy consumers if they don’t know what they’re buying right now or are just getting started.

Step 3 in How to Sell Your Services Online – Qualify Your Leads

You created a customer that stayed on your site longer than expected until they realized what your website offered and took action. You have been doing some of this work already. Don’t celebrate yet, there’s still more work to complete before securing an offer. In my experience, there are two major phases – lead generation and lead conversion. I think people are not aware of the distinctions between them. Marketing describes the sales process in the print market. I don’t think so.


One quote I really love about marketing is: “If you know your problem well enough they will feel they are in the correct situation and they will understand your solution implicitly”. If you’d like to improve your product or service, you need to better understand what your target audience is looking for. Marketing tricks are largely used in educational activities because they give people exactly the how-to guide of something, but they never give step-by-step instructions. What’s your selling process?

Build trust

The only thing that stops the customer from purchasing the product that is provided to them is the trust that you have.

They have to believe in you doing what you have said. Give them an understanding of your products and make them feel comfortable with them. But how do you measure trust?

Step 4 in How to Sell Your Services Online – Close the Sale

Okay, as I mentioned earlier, this lead generation stage is about customer needs. But sales focus on you and your service key. Currently you are no stranger to the single bars. You had several dates and now are looking forward to taking that connection to an even greater level. You have educated your customers and audience and shown respect. Let’s go through closing your sale. The biggest piece of this transaction is your offering. Your offer is what you provide, what services are delivered, how you propose, and what prices will yield good results.

Have a Unique Mechanism

To make sales it’s important that you answer that first. “Tell me your reason for being here. You will find answers by using our unique service and system. List some marketing methods and techniques used to generate more business from customers.” This idea came from Eugene Schwartz, the renowned copywriting genius who authored Breakthrough advertising which sells online for $1,000. Instead of your focus on results, focus on resources, techniques, or systems. It is powerful because it enables a person to identify themselves as a credible person whose credibility is more important than yours.

Have a Strong Guarantee

All good business offers must be supported by a reliable guarantee. The fewer risks involved for customers, the higher the likelihood of them partnering with you. Yes, there are people who will be interested in your promises. Take action. A good guarantee can pay back in terms of net benefits to anyone who uses them.


Your prices are not the only way to influence your offer. Unfortunately most companies start out by selling prices, which is a huge mistake.

Being the least expensive provider often leads to a loss proposition. It is a mistake to try the simplest method. If this is true it is possible you can increase your price for an attractive price such as breaking down a long-term payment or offering financial assistance to qualified customers.

Focus on the Results

When creating a marketing plan, keep an eye on the results. The customer is interested not to buy services but to buy the result. Clearly tell people the service that they offer. Please do not hesitate to provide details of the matter. In the case of results, clients love details. It is important for them to know how much they’ll gain.


Knowledge is key to everything. So, if your goal is that of becoming a professional online business owner, then check out this sell saas guide. Learn how you can catch the attention of your potential clients. Since you are offering services instead of tangible goods, you might as well focus on building trust. Market yourself as a trustworthy individual so people will notice you and choose to do business with you.

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