Shape Your Eyebrows

How To Shape Your Eyebrows Like a Pro

Eyebrows frame our face and help to define facial features. I would say beautifully shaped eyebrows play an essential role in your personality, and you have to choose the best shape for your brows which suit your face. There will be a question in your mind which eyebrow shape will suit me the best. For this, you need to know some popular eyebrow shapes.

Flat Shaped Brow

Long faces women are always looking for brow shapes that make their face look shorter. The flat eyebrow is best here. Because this eyebrow shape is horizontal, your eyes will no longer move up and down. You will look and feel great when you receive compliments from your friends or you’re loved once.

Round Shaped Brow

If your face is heart-shaped, you need a brow shape that adds curves to soften your look while creating a heart shape using your chin as the bottom of the heart and brows as the top. One of the best shapes for this purpose is the rounded eyebrow. The curve will be attractive, soft, and delicate.

Soft Angled Shape Brow

If you have a soft, oval face, you don’t have to try out many eyebrow shapes because the soft angled brows are best for you. Any other shape will make your face look more oval, which is the last thing you need.

High Arched shape brow

Women with seamlessly round faces may need to lengthen their features a bit. Among all the available options of eyebrow shapes, the high arched eyebrow is the best one. The lines going up and down the face can make the eyes look much larger and taller.

Angled Shape Brow

She won’t get the results she deserves for a square-jawed woman who uses any of the eyebrow shapes above, says  the brow expert. She can get a perfect look with an angled shape brow. Angled eyebrows also help balance your square jawline and soften your curves. This shape for the eyebrow is also useful for females having diamond shaped faces.

Pro Tips for Brow Shaping

Now you have all the information about almost every brow shape option, which is not the end. Now I will guide you on how you can perfectly shape your brows like a Pro. If you failed to shape your brows perfectly, people’s eyes would ultimately see your thin, thick, or distorted eyebrows. Even if you do not like any makeup, it is still necessary to take care of your eyebrows.

Eyebrow makeup is the simplest way to make a beautiful frame for your eyes, and neat brows bring your whole look together.

Here are 8 Pro Tips that you can follow to shape your brows perfectly

  1. So if you don’t want to suffer the consequences, now is the time to get your eyebrows in good shape. To help you out, we will familiarize you with various eyebrow makeup tips, starting with the best eyebrow contour for your face and how to wax brow correctly.
  2. Always pick the best outline for your eyebrows to match your facial features. As we already discussed various eyebrow shapes so choose them according to your face type.
  3. Always use good quality, brow shaping tools. Without investing, you can’t get quality results. So if you want great eyebrows shaping results, choose quality wax or good tweezers. Both products remove hair accurately and quickly.
  4. Find eyebrows starting and ending points. To find the starting point of your brows, all you need to do is hold a thin makeup brush against your nose. The starting point will be where the brush touches your brow is going. For the ending point, tilt the same brush diagonally from your nose until it lands on a point in the corner of your eye.
  5. Do not shave your eyebrow with razors. Most of the women who don’t read the tips on how to shape their eyebrows use small razors to help them shape their brow lines. However, this leads to short-term and inconsistent results. Cuts and burns from razors are also drawbacks of this method.
  6. Start eyebrow shaping after getting a hot bath, as this is highly recommended. You may also hear about icing before the brow shaping, but that approach is not accurate. You will feel more pain because cold will tighten your pores.
  7. If you want your brows to look their best, don’t stand too close to the mirror while shaping. With a little space between you and your mirror, you can create a balance between your brows.
  8. Before plucking or waxing, use an eyebrow brush to smooth the brow hair. Just make sure you don’t remove too much hair. Keeping this brush can help your brows shaping even though they are beautiful and clean.

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