Great Photos For Instagram

How To Take Great Photos For Instagram

Taking a picture is easy, but capturing an Instagram-worthy photo is harder than it looks. Most of you probably want to achieve that Instagram feed that can captivate your viewer’s attention and eventually gain more followers. To do that, you must first start by taking great photos. After all, Instagram is all about showing off amazing photos of your day, food, travel, or fashion.

Photos For Instagram

Knowing how to take incredible photos, even by using your phone, is the skill you need for your account to stand out and build a strong presence on Instagram. Don’t worry; the rules are simple. You don’t have to be a graduate in photography to achieve great photos. Follow your own photography instincts and follow this guide below in taking great photos for your Instagram. By the time you’re done, you can freely add some photography hashtags to it, and here’s how you can learn more.

Furthermore, here are the ways to take Instagrammable photos:

  1. Make use of natural light

One of the most critical factors you must consider when taking a photo is your lighting. So choosing a selfie ring light is highly recommended and important in order to get better and perfect results. Your photo must not have too much light or too much darkness. If you’re shooting indoors, make use of your windows as your source of light. If you’re outdoors, know which direction the sun shines. If you’ve ever heard of the golden hour, that’s actually the most favorite time of the day that photographers shoot and conduct their photoshoots. It’s like nature’s natural Instagram filter.

Don’t ever use your phone camera’s flash. That’ll only ruin the quality of the photo from the start. Instead, take time to adjust your camera’s focus until you find the right spot with the right amount of light.

  1. Add layers to keep your photo interesting

It may be easy to take a minimalistic photo in which you only have to focus on one subject. It’s a good idea to add layers to your photos, such as a patterned background or an object that can offer depth to the photo to spice things up.

For instance, if you take a picture of your coffee outdoors, you can include those trees in the background, with the natural and effortless rays of the sunrise. Each layer on that photo will have an effect of drawing you in.

  1. Remember the rule of thirds

One of the most prominent composition principles that both photographers and non-professional photographers know is the rule of thirds. Composition refers to the arrangement of the elements that’s within your photo.

For your easier reference, turn on your phone camera’s gridlines in the settings and utilize them in aligning and balancing your photos.

The most common composition is centering the subject. For example, if you took a picture of a flower, the flower itself is positioned at the center, while the rest of the subjects add layers in the background.

The second option is called balanced asymmetry. In this composition, the subject may be on the side or lower side, and another object balances it on the opposite side. For instance, you can take a picture of flowers, but they don’t necessarily have to be in the middle. Instead, align them on the side, and include the sun on the opposite corner, balancing the overall picture.

  1. Shoot from a new perspective

The most common viewpoint that is very easy to follow when taking pictures is your viewpoint or eye level. This is common for people who find it embarrassing to take photos in public, so they hurriedly take the photo, hold it at eye level, snap, then go ahead. That’s because your viewpoint or eye level is the most natural way of taking a photo.

However, if you really want to take great photos, it’s time you take photos from a new perspective. If you’re taking a picture of your food on the table, don’t shoot it directly while sitting on your chair. Instead, you can stand up, raise the camera like you’re aiming for a bird’s eye view, and snap the photo.

If you’re shooting another person, you can take another angle of your model by crouching low to the ground or using a wall if you’re feeling it. Dare yourself to try experimenting with new perspectives.

  1. Frame your subject

To add more visual interest to your photo, frame your subject by setting aside spaces around it. You don’t have to capture the entire frame as you can crop the excess space later on during your editing process.

The frame of spaces is an added detail which may even make the photo look better. For instance, taking a picture of an overlooking view of the city. Your focal point will be the city view itself, but there’ll be a fine space between it and the moon in the sky.

Avoid zooming your photo in by shrinking its view. You’re only pre-cropping image if you tend to zoom your pictures. If you pre-cropped your picture while taking the city view, chances are, you’re going to miss the moon in the picture. So, let the view be and just mind the focal point.

  1. Be creative

The most essential tip of all is to be creative. You can even start your own style on Instagram, and soon you may find your IG viewers following your lead! You could lose your brand or creativity if you keep getting caught up will other people’s photo trends.

If you want your great photos to stand out on Instagram, challenge yourself to experiment on angles and viewpoint. Don’t overthink about your Instagram photo and better plan your Instagram feed as a whole.

Start Capturing!

Now that you have an idea on taking great photos for your Instagram feed, it’s time you add your own creativity and flavor to it. There are no rules when it comes to creativity, so go and start your own trend!

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