Throw Away a Computer

How to Throw Away a Computer (the Right Way!)

So you’ve got your new computer and you’re ready to throw your old one away?

You want to know the proper guidelines on how to throw away a computer.

What happens to your files stored on the computer? How do you know identity thieves won’t try to steal your files and your data? Do you know if you have anything on your computer that you wouldn’t want others to see?

What about the environment when disposing of a computer? You want to make sure your computer disposal is done responsibly.

Here’s how to get rid of a computer:

Backup Your Data

The first step is to backup your computer’s data. You want to make sure you always keep your files with you to transfer to your new computer.

Even if you feel there’s nothing valuable on your computer, it’s always best to do a backup anyway. You want to go with the better to be safe than sorry mentality.

You should also transfer the data to your new computer before you destroy the old one. Make sure thoroughly check that all your data gets transferred before you destroy it.

Wipe Your Data

Once you’ve backed up your data, the next step is to wipe your data from your hard drives.

The first step is to delete your data entirely from your computer. But, often, this still keeps important information on the hard drive.

You can destroy your hard drives and dispose of them. If you prefer not to do this, there are software programs that completely erase your hard drives. Make sure you use these programs before giving away your computer for disposal.

The safest method, however, is to destroy the hard drive altogether. It’s best to avoid handing over such materials to a third party.

Additional Precautions

Now let’s look at some of the additional precautions to take before you get rid of your computer.

You want to delete any user accounts on your computer. Your computer should not have any traces that it belonged to you. If you give it to someone else, they shouldn’t be able to access your information.

You also need to deauthorize your computer from your applications. For example, iTunes usually works with a limited number of computers. If you don’t deauthorize your computer, you might not be able to run iTunes on a new computer.

You might also need to deauthorize certain files that have DRM protection. These files can only get accessed on a select few computers.

Make sure you take your time to deauthorize every file before getting rid of your computer. This also saves you from having to repurchase a license key for some software programs.

You also want to delete any internet data. You want to delete browsing history on all your web browsers. You should also delete saved information such as usernames and passwords.

It’s also important that you uninstall applications. These applications might contain your personal information. For example, Microsoft Office might contain your name and contact information.

Once you’ve taken these additional precautions, you’re ready to get rid of your computer. This is a tedious process, but you want to make sure you do it to avoid any identity theft.

Next, let’s look at some of the best ways on how to get rid of your computer.


One of the best ways to get rid of your computer is through computer recycling.

This is when you hire a service that collects your computer and recycles the material rather than destroys it. They might refurbish your computer for a later sale.

They might use the recycled material for other products. These can include other computer products such as a mouse, keyboard, or even a printer. If you’re concerned about the environment, we encourage you to choose this option.

Trading, Donating, Selling

What if your computer is still in great condition? You wouldn’t want to destroy it or recycle it.

You can consider giving your computer to a trusted friend or family member. Local businesses or community organizations might also benefit from your donation.

You can also think about giving your computer to a library or school. You can also take it to a flea market to trade it for other goods.

If you decide to upgrade your computer, you might be able to trade in your current computer for a discount. For example, Apple often offers discounts if you trade in an old Mac when you want to buy a new Mac!

You can also consider taking your computer to your local tech store. You might be able to trade your computer for another product. This can include a new computer or an accessory.

Destroying Your Computer

Do you need to blow off some steam? Well, you can do it when you’re trying to get rid of your computer.

You can use a hammer or a mallet to break apart your CPU. Make sure you destroy your motherboard as well. Take a pair of scissors to cut any wires. This ensures that your data gets destroyed as well.

If you have a laptop you can also use these tools to destroy the laptop. For laptops, it’s best to unscrew them to remove the motherboard and hard drive. These should get destroyed separately to ensure your data gets eliminated.

It’s always best to destroy your computer yourself than to give this duty to someone else.

If you do, make sure you first remove the motherboard and hard drive from your computer. You want to make sure you keep your data at all times.

That’s How to Throw Away a Computer

Now that you know how to throw away a computer, you can find the best method for you.

You can choose to recycle your computer if you’re concerned about the environment. You can manually destroy your computer if you really want to make sure it’s gone forever!

The most important thing is to make sure you protect your data when you dispose of your computer.

Please share this guide with anyone else who wants to get rid of their computer. You can read more great tech tips on our website!

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