How to Travel with Supplemental Oxygen this Christmas

Traveling with supplemental oxygen by road or any other mode of transport might seem daunting. However, with some planning, this can be done easily and safely. Before you start planning any trip with supplemental oxygen, make sure you obtain the travel clearance from your doctor. You will need his skills and support to make your travel arrangements. You might also ask him to sign a letter for the bus, train, cruise line, or airline you intend to travel with.

Once you get the doctor’s travel clearance, you’ll want to know the restrictions and regulations of traveling with supplemental oxygen. Whether you’ll be traveling by plane, car, or bus, some rules must be followed. Additionally, there are some things you must do to make your traveling with oxygen easy.

By car

If you want to travel by car and the vehicle is big enough to accommodate your oxygen concentrator, you can come with it and use it once you have a power source. You can carry your portable  oxygen concentrator that is lightweight and easier to use. This device allows you to have your oxygen while traveling, and whenever there is no power source around.

Consult with your concentrator supplier concerning the amount of backup energy you might require. They will help you organize a pick-up from another supplier at your destination in case you are unable to carry the device. Furthermore, you will need some oxygen distributors at your final destination in case of a breakdown of the device. It’s essential to keep the concentrator away from direct sun rays and heat source. Smoking in the car while traveling with oxygen is also prohibited.

By airplane

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) recommends that any individual traveling with supplemental oxygen to submit a letter from a doctor indicating the need for the device. FAA has verified two models of portable medical breathing machines and allows people traveling by airplane to have them on the plane.

The two machines designed by Inogen Inc. and AirSep Corp. filter the nitrogen from the atmosphere and delivers concentrated oxygen to the patient. Since the devices don’t store compressed oxygen, they are not considered as a danger to the safety of the flight.

If you want to travel by airplane, check with the supplier to determine if they have one of the two breathing machines. You’ll require a physician’s order for breathing machines, so make sure you talk about this when discussing traveling plans with your doctor.

Various airline companies might not allow travelers to come with the FAA verified machines and ask the travelers to use the onboard oxygen. Other airlines might allow travelers to use devices while on the runway and change to the airplane’s oxygen when on the plane. Make sure you check with the airline to know their regulations and make the required arrangements.

By train or bus

Train and bus lines differ in their regulations. The majority of bus lines will let travelers carry their portable oxygen, but make sure you check before your trip. Most train lines will allow you to come with your oxygen but ask you to utilize your source of power. But, make sure you can the train line or bus line you want to use several days before the journey to allow you to plan well.

Cruise lines

Do you feel adventurous and ready to travel by cruise during this Christmas holiday? Then you might be shocked to realize how easy many cruise lines make going on holiday with oxygen.  The majority of cruise lines will offer oxygen, and others will let you come with yours. If you intend to bring your own, you will need to work with the oxygen concentrator company first and make the necessary arrangements. They will help you determine the amount of backup you might need.

Working with a travel agent who will help you organize your cruise is priceless. The professional will help you arrange your oxygen requirements. He or she will assist you in planning your oxygen picking at different ports. That’s if you can’t come with enough of it to the cruise line that will last you the entire trip.

Once you complete your research and prior planning, you will feel stress-free knowing that your oxygen needs are catered for. Now you can enjoy your Christmas as you usher in the New Year with joy.

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