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How to Upgrade Your Motorcycle Fairing Speakers? Here’s how!

If you are a motorcycle owner with the regular built-in audio system installed in it, there will come a time when the sound will start to faint and frail. It means you can hardly enjoy your favorite tunes when you are on your bike. If you are facing these problems, all you need to do is to upgrade and update the motorcycle fairing speakers to start enjoying your ride again. What you can do is that you can install new speakers or upgrade the existing ones. Anyway, whatever you do, you will be able to listen to your favorite music and make your ride more enjoyable.

Ways to Upgrade your Motorcycle Fairing Speakers

Here are some ways you can upgrade your motorcycle fairing speakers….

1. Upgrading the Current Speakers

The original built-in speakers installed on motorbikes can be atrocious. So, if you want to have a better sound of your system, you need an upgrade on the installed motorcycle fairing speakers. When you upgrade your current speakers, it will make the sound stronger and clear so it won’t hurt you at all. You can learn about the available motorcycle fairing speakers at best product hunter. Better-grade speakers are different from poorly built systems are they convert electrical impulses into sound well.

Well-built systems have a smoother frequency range making the sound more authentic and playing considerably louder. While upgrading the speakers, select the ones better for the intended application. Don’t expose them much to direct UV as it can break the cones and surrounds them prematurely.

2. Addition of Extra Speakers

It never hurts to add a second set of speakers to your motorcycle. It provides a great way to improve the audio system of your motorcycle. You can try using handlebar speakers that are speaker pods specially made for motorcycles that attach to the lower front fairing. Handlebar speakers have plenty of options if you are ready to insert an extra speaker or two to your bike’s audio system.

3. Increase Speaker System Power

When you upgrade a speaker or add some new ones, you need extra power for that. So, if you want your music to be loud enough to withstand high wind and harsh weather, the only option is to upgrade your motorcycle with a high-power and high-efficiency amplifier. The amplifier will enhance system efficiency to transform the electricity from the battery to the energy for driving speakers. More efficiency means you can play the music louder for more time. A good quality amplifier can enhance productivity by 20%.

4. Addition of New Source Unit

If you have done everything but still the productivity is not good, it is time to attach a new source unit. If not then all of your upgrades can turn out to be pointless. If you upgrade the radio so that it could receive premium radio services, or be connected with the smartphone, you can keep the music on easily while on your way. Adding a new source unit becomes important as most of the motorbikes come with a modest entertainment system. This problem can also be eliminated by the addition of the best motorcycle fairing speakers. An extra unit with Bluetooth audio streaming and a USB connector can go all the way for you.

5. System Configuration Adjustment

There is no speaker that offers a flat frequency response over the whole audio spectrum, otherwise, all of our problems would be nonexistent. It is also important that you place your fairing speakers at an appropriate place. You need to optimize the speaker’s location to get the maximum output for it. You don’t want to hear a bass drum or synthesizer riff at high speed on the road. This is where the crossovers and equalization will allow your speakers to focus more on the frequency range. In such a scenario, using an equalizer can really help to improve the sound of your bike.

How to replace the existing motorcycle fairing speakers?

Here’s how you replace your existing motorcycle fairing speakers….

1. Buy the appropriate Speakers

The first thing you need to do is to buy the appropriate speakers that can fit your motorcycle. Do some research online if you are unsure about speakers. You may also need speaker adapters to ensure your speakers fit perfectly and accommodate a wide range of sizes.

2. Negative Cable of Battery

The next step is to disconnect the negative cable of the battery. This will keep yourself and your attached electronic system safe. You can access the battery by removing your seat, unscrewing the bolt, and disconnecting the cable from the terminal post.

3. Remove Speakers

Now you need access to the existing stereo by removing the outer fairing and loosening the screw that secures your stereo. Disconnect the speaker with all the wiring attached to it.

4. Install the Replacement Speaker

It is time to install the replacement speakers as you have removed the old ones. Use mount brackets to securely mount the new speakers and the existing hardware. Wire the new speakers exactly like the old speakers were wired and connected. Reconnect the battery now to test the new speakers. Check Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel controls, and other features as well.

5. Installing Finalization

For finishing the installation, clean up all wiring so that it is hidden all the way. Bolt on your seat for finalizing the installation, once you are done, you are ready to take your first ride with the new audio system.

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