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How toxic is acrylic dip glitter powder?

Xiao Li loves fashion and likes to dress, and recently she especially likes to do nail art once in a while. Recently, Xiaoli found nail layering cracked when doing nail art, and nail surfaces with white spots do not feel right. The actual nail is a lot more than just a little bit of a nail. The doctor explained that when you do nail art, you need to file and polish your nails, which makes them lose their protective layer and reduces their resistance; frequent nail art makes them more and more fragile, and they are prone to breakage, which causes yellowing or blackening of the nails and even induces nail infection. What are the hazards of acrylic dip glitter powder? Long-term nail care, in addition to the operation, will damage nail health; nail products can also bring us harm, such as commonly acrylic dip glitter powder.

1, Cause air pollution

Galglitter Acrylic dip glitter powder includes two types, one is a solid component, common pearl agent, and pigment; one is a liquid solvent, including formaldehyde, acetone and ethyl acetate, etc. The largest proportion is volatile solvents, followed by nitrocellulose, but also contains a small portion of organic solvents and camphor, etc.

Investigation shows that the worse the quality of acrylic dip glitter powder, the higher the toxicity, which contains formaldehyde, benzene, phthalates, etc., acrylic dip glitter powder with the highest concentration of phthalates, is colorless and tasteless. Its role is to soften the nails, making acrylic dip glitter Powder quickly dry; such substances are easy to cause air pollution.

2, affect the health of the body

The harmful substances in acrylic dip glitter powder can invade the body through the skin, digestive tract, and respiratory tract. Long-term high doses will make the accumulation of harmful substances in the body, it is difficult to metabolize, thus causing hormonal imbalance, damage to reproductive organ development, and increase the risk of breast cancer; especially for pregnant women exposed to such substances, easy to cause fetal malformation, fetal death in the womb and so on.

Nail technician is also a high-risk industry because acrylic dip glitter powder contains toxic compounds.

The above-mentioned long-term exposure to acrylic dip glitter powder can damage health. If nail technicians’ daily work is exposed to acrylic dip powder, will the body have any changes? This article may bring us the answer.

Environmental Pollution published the results of a new study, nail technicians exposed to formaldehyde and toxic compounds for up to 20 years suffer from leukemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and other cancers, up to 100 times more than the average person. This study comes from the United States, where a team of researchers tested six nail salons in 2017, measuring chemicals in the salons for greater than 18 months, particularly formaldehyde, toluene, ethylbenzene, benzene, and xylene content. The results found that formaldehyde concentrations in the six nail salons reached 5.32 to 20.6 micrograms per cubic meter, far exceeding the dose set by the state.

How to use acrylic dip glitter powder correctly?

1, formal channels to buy acrylic dip glitter powder

Can not be greedy for a moment of cheap and choose poor quality acrylic dip powder because bad businessmen in order to able to reduce the cost, in acrylic dip powder added inexpensive benzene, which belongs to the more toxic substances.

2, Apply maintenance oil

First, apply maintenance oil on the nail can avoid pigmentation, and then apply acrylic dip powder or go acrylic dip glitter powder. Apply galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder when only the upper part of the coating is on the line. Try not to paint the crescent so as not to affect the nail breathing.

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