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How You Can Save Money by Ordering Canadian Meds

A recent poll has revealed that as many as 58 million Americans can’t afford the life-saving prescription medicine recommended by their doctors.

Are you one of those people? There’s hope for you.

Thanks to strict government controls, medicines in Canada cost a lot less than in the USA and you can order them safely and legally online.

Check out how you can save with Canadian meds and get the treatment you need.

Always Shop at a Reputable Online Canadian Supplier

When you shop with a disreputable supplier you could end up paying the regular price for substandard or ineffective medication.

This means you’ll be wasting money instead of saving. So always research an online drug supplier thoroughly before you buy from them.

How do you know if a Canadian pharmacy is legitimate? Follow these checkpoints:

  • Are they recognized by Pharmacy Checker?
  • Do they require a prescription?
  • Are they open about the source of their medications?
  • Are their prices realistic?
  • Do they have many positive Canadian Rx med reviews online?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, you’re dealing with a legitimate Canadian med store.

Try Generic Alternatives for Your Medication

Generic medications are often a much cheaper alternative to brand name prescription medications.

For instance, the cholesterol-lowering drug, Lipitor, retails for around $390 for 30-days worth of pills. The same amount of the generic equivalent, atorvastatin, costs about $10.

These pills and tablets contain the same active ingredient as the original and produce the same results.

The reason they’re cheaper is that the manufacturers have taken advantage of the expensive research done by pharmaceutical companies and used it to manufacture their own medications.

Ask your doctor if they know of any suitable generic alternatives for your prescription medication. If so, they can make out a prescription for this cheaper alternative instead.

Generic medications are every bit as effective as the original brand name medication and go through the same rigorous testing to achieve FDA approval.

Compare Prices Online

You can use the Google Shopping tool to compare medication prices online or head for one of the many Pharmacy price comparison websites.

Make sure you’re comparing the same dosage and quantities while searching and double-check that your search matches your prescription.

Be sure to calculate shipping costs as part of the total price too.

Some pharmacies may offer free or discounted shipping that makes the overall price of your order cheaper even though their meds are more expensive.

Use a Canadian Pharmacy Meds Coupon

Often, online Canadian pharmacies offer coupons entitling you to huge discounts on their products. They’re able to offer these discounts thanks to their long-standing relationships with drug suppliers.

In some cases, you could save as much as 80% when you use one of these coupons toward the cost of your medication.

Always look for these coupons when comparing medication prices online.

Shop for Canadian Meds in Bulk

You’ll find that you pay less per dose for medications when you buy a larger supply i.e. a 90-day supply instead of a 60-day supply.

Ask your doctor to write out a script for three months instead of your usual one-month prescription.

This way you’ll save even more on the cost of cheap Canadian meds and you won’t have to renew your supply for longer.

Buy a Stronger Dosage and Split It

Often higher dosages of the same medication cost almost the same price as the lower dose. For example, if you look at this list of Eliquis prices you’ll notice that the 5mg tablets cost only a few dollars more than the 2.5 mg tablets.

So, in theory, you could buy the 5mg tablets and take half a tablet to get the same effect as a 2.5mg tablet.

Yes, but you should always speak to your doctor before attempting to split pills. You’ll also need to ask them to amend your prescription accordingly.

You can’t split all medications. Most notably, you shouldn’t spit capsules, medications with enteric-coating, or slow-release medications.

Not everyone’s physically capable of splitting pills either. If you have a vision impairment or dexterity issues, rather don’t attempt to go down this route.

When splitting pills, don’t bash them against a counter or try to halve them with a knife. Buy a good quality pill-splitter from your local pharmacy, they cost about $5.

Ask Your Doctor for Assistance

Your first port of call when it comes to your health should always be your doctor. Be honest with them about your concerns regarding the affordability of your prescription medication from the start.

They may be able to assist you with cheaper alternatives or any one of the suggestions mentioned above.

Often, doctors have free samples available that could help you in two ways:

  • You’ll need to buy less medication at full price
  • You’ll get to try out the medication before paying for a full course

Many prescription medications can have negative side effects, so it’s always best to attempt a trial run first if you can.

Your doctor has your best interests in mind and is always the best source of guidance when it comes to your well-being.

Putting Your Health First

Remember, if you have a chronic condition, sourcing affordable Canadian meds isn’t the only way to safeguard your health.

Following a healthy diet, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly will all help to keep you in good shape both mentally and physically.

Browse our blog for more tips on how to stay fit and healthy.

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