Immigration Fact: 5 Things You Need to Know in 2021

One of the most polarizing and controversial topics in America is immigration. Over 40 million people living in the United States classify as an immigrant.

If you or someone you know is contemplating immigration, it’s crucial to know these immigration facts. This information will help you understand the political climate.

1. Latin America and Asia

Most immigrants come from Latin America and Asia. The main reason is proximity and work visas.

The Latin Americans to the south come for several factors. They often move because of relatives, work opportunities, and healthcare options. This often leads to many trying to enter the country illegally.

Many people from Asian countries come to America to seek educational opportunities, set up businesses, and apply for asylum.

2. Undocumented Immigrants

Estimates range wildly on how many undocumented or illegal immigrants are in the country. Despite the divisive opinions about their status, undocumented immigrants compromise a large portion of the US economy.

It’s estimated the tax revenue exceeds $11 billion. This figure doesn’t include the goods and services they purchase and provide.

3. Detention Centers

Undocumented immigrants can be placed in detention centers before their future is decided. They are usually apprehended when illegally crossing borders.

In some cases, they are arrested after living in the country for a few years. Regardless, it’s vital they apply for an immigration bond so they can get out of a detention center.

Planning a court battle is easier with a lawyer and freedom rather than captivity.

4. DACA Policy

It’s common for a child to be brought to this country illegally (and legally) with their parents. That child will grow up knowing only American culture.

DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals allows for qualified undocumented individuals to apply for renewable stays along with work permits. It doesn’t offer a pathway to citizenship though.

As long as the immigrant has never committed any serious crimes while in the US, they may be eligible. DACA status immigrants should also be careful about leaving the country. It requires a special permit and costs several hundred dollars.

5. Integration Moves Quicker Now

When immigrants entered the country 100 years ago, it would take multiple generations to become completely integrated into American society.

Technology and open-mindedness in American culture have made it easier and quicker for immigrants to get settled. If you drive around your city, you may even see international grocery stores.

The largest barrier for immigrants is usually language. English is tough to learn, and Americans use a lot of colloquialisms and slang.

One of the best things for an immigrant to do is learn the language and spend as much time immersed in American culture.

Knowing the Immigration Facts

Coming to America as an immigrant is a tough task. But an immigrant won’t be the only person trying to carve out a life.

Know these immigration facts to have peace of mind. If you know an immigrant, these facts can open your eyes to their obstacles.

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