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Important Facts You Should Know About Marriage Certificates Translation

Marriage certificates signify you have completed a significant milestone in your life—finding the love of your life! When you get married, the local authorities issue a paper that represents your marital bond. It mentions the couple’s names, witnesses’ information, date of the wedding, and remaining information as per local laws. We bless the reunion and are hopeful for your eternal happiness!

The marriage certificate is usually printed in the native language or language acceptable at a global level. Imagine you and your partner are living your perfect life until one day, the individual or both spouses decide to pursue studies or a profession abroad in a country where their native tongue is foreign. Is it expected for the spouse to get their marriage certificate translated into the country’s official language they plan to call their new home.

An example

Let’s study the instance using an example. If a couple decides to get married in Portugal, their Portuguese marriage certificate will be printed in Portuguese. Now, suppose either one or the couple decides to shift to France. In that case, their Portuguese marriage certificate will now be translated into French for residency and visa applications.

The same is the case if the situation is reversed. A couple who wishes to live in Portugal but were married in their homeland of France would be assigned a Portuguese marriage certificate.

Importance of Marriage Certificate

Local or National Requirement

Because of the widespread growing concept of gender fluidity, marriages between a born man and woman have become uncommon. Many people are getting married in same-sex ceremonies. In contrast, others consider a marriage certificate as a mere piece of paper. They feel their relationship does not need a “stamp” or “label” as they continue to live in a domestic partnership. However, when this couple decides to move for any reason, they must learn the foreign country’s requirements regarding work, academic, or residency purposes.


Even though some people refuse to undergo a wedding ceremony because of their own beliefs, their governing bodies may require them to present proof of their relationship. For example, a Portuguese marriage certificate will be proof that two individuals are involved in an ongoing relationship. It may also be necessary if a couple decides to apply for Portugal citizenship.

Legal Assistance

Many authorities require a wedding certificate. It is not only necessary for travel, but for establishing ownership of assets, providing tax benefits, employers benefit, education assistance, or custody battles. All the authorities who practice these operations require a certified translation of the wedding certificate or its affidavit version.

Note well!

All marriage certificate translation are required to be certified. They can also be notarized with an attached affidavit mentioning the information provided is authentic to the facts. An expert translator can certify the translation, but a notary public must be hired for their neutral attestation.  Couples who feel their marital bond is important must have no trouble providing their personal information in its translated form.

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