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Important Things to Check Before Moving to Your New Home

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Congratulations on your new house! Moving to your dream home will be exciting until you have to execute the chaotic and exhausting home shifting tasks. Before you move in, make sure you perform thorough inspection like checking if there is any pest infestation, wall cracks, paint chipping off, faulty wiring, leaking taps & pipes, clogged sinks & drain pipes, home interiors, woodworks, etc., so you can get the repair or replacement done before moving in.

Once you have completed the home inspection and done the necessary repairs, you are all set to move in there. To ease out your home relocation process, make sure you hire professional packers and movers Pune in your city, as they have well-trained laborers who can completely handle your moving task and offer you end-to-end moving services at reasonable rates.

#1 Home Inspection Checklist

Cracks/ Water Seepages in Ceilings & Walls

The very first thing you must check at your new place before calling in Oakland moving company is the cracks/ water seepages in the walls & ceilings, as repairing this after moving there will be a headache. To avoid all this trouble, carefully check walls and ceilings of each room carefully; some of the cracks may not be so easily visible. If you spot any cracks or seepages, get the repair done immediately.

Check for Faulty Wiring

Inspect the electrical wiring of your entire home and change them if required as these old wiring, earthing wires, fuses, circuit breakers, phase switches, and other electrical faults can lead to many problems like short circuits, electrical shocks, unable to handle high voltage power & damage your appliances, etc. Make sure you get the complete wiring replaced if needed.

Check Working Condition of Switchboard & Other Fixtures

Do not neglect to check the working condition of your switchboards, sockets, main panel, exhaust fan, geyser, fan, light, and other electrical fixtures, get the repair done if required. Also, check if there are adequate 2 & 3 pin sockets in each room.

Check for Plumbing Issues

Check plumbing issues like faulty taps & faucets, pipe leakages, sink or drainage clogs, worn-out bibb, water/ drainage pipe replacement, washbasin/ bathtub repair, showerhead leakage/ clog, etc., and get the repair or replacement done before shifting there to make sure you have a hygienic environment.

Get a Pest Infestation Treatment

As your new place would have been empty for a long time, it would have become home for pests like rats, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, and other such pests. Call professional pest control services to get a pest infestation treatment to get rid of these uninvited guests at your home.

Check Strength of Main Door Locks

Check if your main door locks are strong enough; check with your landlord how many people may have copies of the house keys (previous tenants, real estate brokers). If the main door lock is too old, or many people have copies of the house key, change the locks or convince your landlord to change them and get the new keys.

Interiors and Woodwork

Check the flooring condition, quality of woodwork done (wardrobe, doors, cabinets), if laminations on the cabinets need to be changed, and if the paint is chipping off or changing the paint colors, etc., and do the necessary repairs or request your landlord to get it done.

Tip: Check the firmness of stairs, balconies, and railings.


The hygiene of the kitchen is very important, as the kitchen is not only the place where you cook delicious food but it’s also the place where your family’s health begins. So make sure you check and clean all the oil & masala stains on your kitchen walls and floor. Also, check if the kitchen platform, laminations on the cabinet, exhaust fan, kitchen sink, etc., are in usable condition; if not get it repaired or replaced.

Thoroughly Clean the House

As your home was empty for a long time there might be a lot of dust & cobwebs in your home; also due to repairing/ renovation work that was going on in your home, dust would have spread all over your home. These dirt and derbies contain germs that may cause allergies, so maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your home is very important. Deep clean every nook and corner of your home by scrubbing away all the dirt and derbies spread all over your home using cleaning liquids.

Do Walkthrough

By doing a complete walkthrough of your new home while it’s empty, you will be able to know the size of each room. When you know each room’s total sq. feet, length & breath, you will get a fair idea of what is going where and the space available after placing your things, etc. This way you can also guide the moving laborers on where to place your cot, side table, sofa, tea table, and so on.

#2 Before Moving Out of Current House

Inspect Your Current Home

Check for any damages in the walls like cracks, paint chipping off, and the working condition of all the taps, switches, fan & light fixtures, etc., and get it repaired if required. Doing this will make sure that you will get back your full security deposit amount.

What to do Before Moving Day

To make your home shifting stress-free, prepare a checklist of moving tasks and start by cleaning your home appliances and preparing them for the move, i.e., defrosting fridge, removing TV cables, etc. Now start packing goods based on their packaging requirements and label them; carry your essentials and valuables along with you. To make your home shifting process easy and smooth, hire the best packers and movers in Gurgaon as they take full responsibility for your move.


Before you shift to your new house, make sure you do a thorough home inspection to get the necessary repairs done and deep clean your home to ensure that it’s spotless and 100% hygienic before you and your family step into your new home. Hire packers and movers to reduce the stress of shifting by yourself and use your available time to plan the layout and design of your new home. Also, don’t forget to update your new address at important firms & transfer/ disconnect your utility services. Once you settle down at your new home, plan to host a housewarming party and invite your neighbors and make new friends.

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