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Improve your Gaming Experience with These Tips

Playing games on your PC or Laptop is different from playing a game using a Gaming Console. Games that run smoothly on your computer are like heaven on earth for a PC Gamer. If there is anything that is not updated or optimized about your PC and your games, the game speed will suffer, stutter, and won’t look as beautiful as they could.

Configure Your Settings Properly

It is always worth looking at your graphics card settings. If you would need to run a specific game, you will have to consider what your current settings are. Some options you might want to reconsider would be texture and shader details, which help determine how your games look.

Check the available memory and what other options are available. Always choose and select configuration settings based on performance and not just the looks. Always keep in mind that high-resolution textures will consume your RAM, which is impacting the frame rate. You might also want to ask a friend or an expert’s advice to enable VSync if you are not familiar with how it works.

Check Updates Regularly To Avoid Updates While Playing

Automatic updates can, while you are playing, can be a pain sometimes. These updates are sometimes downloaded in the background before reminding you periodically that the update needs installing. After downloading in the background, most updates would require your computer to shut down, which is very frustrating while you play your favorite game.

Always check any pending updates or scheduled ones too to download these and install those updates as soon as possible to avoid interruptions.

Always Check Your Network Speed

If you are an avid online gamer, the internet speed is essential. It defines the traffic for the flow of data and information from the game server to your computer or laptop. Slower internet speed might cause lagging and interruptions, especially if you are not the only one using the connection at home.

Lag is the usual cause of pain and trouble for online gamers. You might also want to check any possible hardware issues that could be causing this problem. Some of the hardware you might want to look at are the drivers, routers, and cable lines too. Have regularly scheduled maintenance or check for these.

Close Unneeded and Unnecessary Applications and Programs

If you are running multiple programs or applications while playing games, chances are your computer or laptop is using too much FPS or Frames Per Second. Check if there is anything that might be running in the background and close them if it is not being used or not necessary. This helps lessen memory usage, too, and increases the performance of your computer or laptop while you play your favorite games.

Game Mode for Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, chances are you do have the Game Mode Feature. It includes features such as screen recording, streaming, and Game Mode, which helps in optimizing your computer or laptop for gaming.

Press WIN + G to display the Xbox panel. If prompted, check the Yes, this is a game box.

Updates and Regular Maintenance

Always check if your drivers are updated and have scheduled maintenance. Check everything with your computer, from hardware to software and antivirus programs too. You might also want to look at checking if your DirectX is updated. In 2015, DirectX 12 is the latest version, which you’ll find pre-installed on your Windows 10 laptop. Check if your audio drivers are also fir for gaming. One right way of checking is by going through DXDiag, and you will see valuable information about your computer or laptop.

Upgrading your computer or laptops hardware and software can have a massive impact on gaming. But if you don’t have the funds to do that now, you can always optimize with the current settings and options available to improve your gaming experience.

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