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With people’s growing demand for a reliable trading platform, almost everyone is searching for a trusted forex trading platform. Now in this day and time if you will find one good trading platform then you will also face ten scamming platforms as well. So, to know which platform is worth it and provides full security to clients Is getting difficult day by day. Since I faced a similar struggle so I know how frustrating it can be. The search for a dependent platform is just too extensive now that most people either get scammed because they didn’t know fully about the platform or they give up on their search.

All things considered; I have decided to give you a full-length review of my trusted forex trading platform in hopes of making your search on finding a suitable platform short. I have used Iron-Bits for the last two years. The platform was founded in 2015 and now it has become a pioneer in the market. It seems like the platform is still new but don’t be fooled. This platform offers all personalized services that any trader would jump to be a part of. I have only observed and received quality services and trusted security from this platform since I became a member.

The past year I have been able to make consistent profits only because of the help I got from the platform’s representatives. The entire platform is beyond what you would expect. Everyone is educated and professional. There is no denying that quality is what the platform is set to offer to its clients. With more than 200 tradable assets, an around-the-clock 24/7 contact service, and a trading platform that is created with such technologically advanced tools that even a beginner level trader will be able to trade and make a great profit.

All the things that I have mentioned so far about the platform are the only tip of the iceberg. I don’t want you to just take my word for how great the platform is instead why don’t you read this entire review see for yourself the services and tools that this platform offers and then you can decide for yourself if this is a suitable platform for you or not.

Online Trading at its Finest

Since the platform has a very strong market background, they have been able to create an optimal forex trading platform hub where the services are available for all kinds of traders. Not only the experts will be able to take full advantage of this platform but the new traders with little knowledge about the trading world will be thrilled to use all tools. They can also opt for the help of the platform’s representatives just like I have a personal account manager, Jordan Martyn, who helps me evaluate the trades that I want to make, and he teaches me tips and techniques that can help me with trading in the long haul.

I truly have been fortunate enough to have landed on this type of reliable and wholesome platform. This platform has helped me become a better trader and make profits steadily as well. I do not doubt that Iron-Bits will be the top forex trading platform shortly. They offer some of the finest services like education center, Contact services, security, policies to protect the privacy of the clients, and multiple account types which ensures that each trader can utilize the platform with ease and has something that is up to their expertise level.

University-Grade education

The one thing that every new trader looks for is more educational material. We all want to expand the horizons of our knowledge, but it is difficult to get your hands on the precise material that you can get started with. And this is what Iron-Bits has focused on greatly. The platform offers a wide variety of education centers which have several options for you to learn about trading. They offer plenty of eBooks that will help expert traders brush up on their knowledge and new traders to learn from the start about trading. It is a great way for anyone to learn some new strategies and techniques that are always changing in the market and people always want to be up to date.

Glossary provides traders with all the terms that are used in the trading world. It is also arranged categorically so you can easily find the terms you are looking for. Glossary comes in handy even to the most experienced trader. Not everyone can keep up with the lingo used in trading. So, don’t ever be shy next time when someone uses a certain term you don’t know about. Just head on over to the glossary section and learn something new.

Advanced Infrastructure

Iron-Bits surpasses your expectation and imagination with its exceptionally unique landing page. You get a realistic visual allure with administration that includes all-around publicization. The simple admittance to most features is very simple and clear and saves you a ton of time from investigating further. Even though the display has been all around incorporated, new traders may feel swamped with various new tools. The trading platform itself is very basic. The design is quite simple to get used to. This might be a failure from the landing page. The lone powerful component on this page is the Trading chart for analysis that is lined up front. The chart completely features the entirety of the worldwide market information readily available.

While the landing page was planned with everything being only a click away, there are no ads that pop up on the primary trading platform page. The diagrams can be redone to suit your requirements. The design of this trading platform is dim. I would have liked it if everything was available against a light tone. It would make the design of the trading chart analysis all the more engaging for the customers.

Experienced brokers will discover the choice for customization of the chart the most engaging point of the feature. Notwithstanding, I felt that new brokers would have favored the accessibility of informative tools to manage their way forward. The trading alternatives offered by the platform incorporate forex, crypto, commodities, stocks, and some indices. These options can be handily chosen from the design. The amount of assets that this platform can give its clients is beyond what any other platform is willing to offer. The platform connects productively with every one of its customers and tries to give them the services that they after. There is consistently a degree of development I have to observe on this platform. They never cease to make improvements just to make everything as the traders would want it to be. The platform following its guidelines has now become the leader in its market that it first opted for. The services it offers speak for the dedication effort Iron-Bits is willing to put it for the clients.

Contact Service

The heart of any trading platforms. Customer service. We all need help sometimes and it is okay to get to ask for it whenever you are stuck. So, the customer service as I have mentioned is 27/4, round the clock. That shows the dedication of the platform towards its clients. Not only you are getting the live chat but with that, you have 2 more options. The email and telephone line that is available for Australia and the United Kingdom. Even though the platform could have a couple of more call numbers the customer services never fails to impress me.

The credit for client satisfaction goes to the training and education of representatives of the platform. Iron-Bits makes sure that each client is catered to. All queries and are dealt with care and utmost professionalism. Rarely have I ever had a problem where the broker wasn’t able to help me. They even helped me in the beginning while creating an account with them. The chat can be slow at night or it may take a maximum of like a minute to be connected to the representative but don’t forget that you are always catered to. The platform takes its customer service very seriously.

My Verdict 

I have been using the platform for over two years as I have mentioned at the beginning of this review. If I had faced any sort of security trouble or even any issue while trading, then I would have left the platform without hesitation. But all my concerns were sorted out when I became a member of this platform. I felt like they took care of me and my trading requirements. So that is my personal experience and all that I can say about the services given by Iron-Bits. I hope my survey will help you in understanding this platform a little better and that you will be able to take away something from the review. Be sure to know what you want from a trading platform and see if Iron-Bits can match up to your expectations.  

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