Is a Cannabis Vape Pen Legal in the UK and, If So, What’s a Good One to Get?

In this post I will break down why you are able to buy cannabis vape pens in the UK, whether it is actually legal to do so and what my favourite of all cheap vape pens is in the UK. 

1) Is a cannabis vape pen legal in the UK?

Cannabis products are allowed to be legally sold provided that they: 

  • Are made from hemp
  • Contain less than 0.2% THC 

I will explain this in a bit more detail. Cannabis is the head of the plant family (cannabaceae) within which there are two main species of plant – marijuana and hemp. Marijuana is a THC dominant plant whereas hemp has little to trace amounts of THC and a much higher concentration of CBD. 

THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that is responsible for making people feel “high.” Whilst there are believed to be many positive health effects to having THC, the “high” which can sometimes lead to feelings of paranoia or the munchies is what often puts people off cannabis products and why there are so many negative associations, in particular, why some people believe it should be illegal. This is why many countries, including the UK, limit the amount of THC that can be present in cannabis products to no more than 0.2%. This is also why cannabis products derived from hemp are used given they contain minimal amounts of THC and more CBD, which is legal. 

CBD, on the other hand, is believed to have many of the same therapeutic benefits associated with THC such as a pain reliever, anxiety reducer and sleep enhancer, but without the high. This means that most people don’t really “feel” a hit or the CBD when they take it, but may end up feeling more calm or relaxed (which is often hard to correlate, until you look back at your state of being down the line) and so why many people are a lot more attracted to trying CBD products. 

 So if we are talking about “cannabis” products such as a cannabis vape pen, in the UK, we really mean CBD so a CBD vape pen. 

2) So what is a cannabis vape pen?

As said, a cannabis vape pen in the UK, is a specific vape pen that is used to vape hemp derived CBD rather than marijuana. However, I do not mean CBD e liquids, as with e liquids you can use a similar device to that which you would use to vape any other vape liquid or vape juice that does not contain CBD. Rather the term cannabis vape pen denotes a more powerful vaping device that is used to heat up thicker oils and extracts so, again, in the UK this would be a vape pen that is powerful enough to vape hemp extract and oils. Also known as a CBD oil vape pen

3) What is my favourite cannabis vape pen?

My favourite cannabis vape pen in the UK is from the CBD brand Paso. Whilst they sell the full gamut of CBD products from edibles to vape, their vape pen and CBD high strength cartridges are my favourite. Their CBD oil pen is actually one of the cheaper vape pens for sale, but without overlooking style and functionality. It is a thin silver metal pen with their brand name engraved at the end. It’s wonderfully lightweight and sleek so easy to carry about with you. It is a 510 thread battery which is the most ubiquitous for what carts are available. It has a pre-heat function so that you can warm up the oil prior to vaping for a better, more smooth vape and taste. Finally, it has variable voltage setting which actually means you can also use it with CBD e liquids that require a lower temperature – so highest setting CBD vape oil, lower setting e liquids!  

Hopefully this post has helped. Shout below if you have any more questions on cannabis vape pens in the UK!


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